Sunday, August 31, 2008

My sad attempt at a public service announcement

Yes, I'm OK. I just felt obligated decided to try to fix my yard this weekend since it appears that Sanford and Son have taken up residence here! Since Hotboy did a lovely job on the patio, he also killed my hard earned and much fertilized lawn. I have been so grossed out by the look of the backyard that I have not stepped out there in weeks. This is so unlike me. I am usually neurotic on the ball when it comes to yard work. So I have spent the bulk of the weekend pulling weeds- rich blog fodder, folks, let me tell you!

However, I will say that Hotboy will be returning tomorrow to install a garden wall. I would say that he may be appearing here soon, BUT since I've "come out" of the blogging closet, I am afraid that the jig may be up. I might be bordering that stalking, invasion of privacy, restraining order line, but since my scruples have been in question, I've not yet come to a clear cut decision- so stay tuned!

The reason I wanted to make my yard presentable is the rescheduling of my 70's party. I guess you just thought I was a bitch never followed up on this and kept all the fun details to myself. Well, no. Actually, we rescheduled because many people were unable to come. So, Saturday is the big day!

As I prepare for my party, I might want to fix the gaping hole in my shower (where tiles just started falling this weekend- quality craftsmanship people!). I'm not complaining though (I'm just popping a few extra happy pills to get me through it!) Although I may be expecting guests, one of them will not be Gustav.

I'm in the middle of the middle of the middle of America. I am not remotely affected by hurricanes (besides the fact that I will be vacationing in the gulf in October, assuming it's still there!)

When Katrina hit, we had just moved. We hadn't sold our old house and were living in the new one and in quite a predicament! Double mortgages, double maintenance, double utilities, the thought of it turns my stomach still! That was probably the deepest depression I have ever been in. We didn't know if it would ever end. I feel for the people right now in similar situations since the real estate market has worsened!

Anyhoo, as twisted as it may be, I thrived on watching coverage of Katrina. Sure, in a wrong way, it made me feel better about my stupid little problem. In a true perspective sort of way, though, it made me realize that there were worse problems I could have than having two homes- sure- 2 homes that we couldn't afford, but 2 homes, nonetheless!

My hurricane coverage addiction of CNN and The Weather Channel has again reared it's ugly head. I can't get enough. Again, it has come at a time, for me, where things have been tough. And again, oddly enough, the danger and the uncertainty that they are facing helps my outlook of my piddly little problems.

I hope everyone in the affected areas stay safe!

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amelia bedelia said...

I can't wait for hotboy to show up...won't you die if he shows up in nothing but his toolbelt! Then you'll know he read your blog! I want pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hope your 70's party is a blast. It sounds like it will be, and I know hotboy will come through.

I was in that position with 2 houses, one didn't sell yet, and it was pure torture. One of the worse times in my life. So glad you got out of that.

Also, glad you are not close to Gustav. Lets hope the Government doesn't repeat the major lack of help. Those people are in my prayers.

Take Care!

C said...

We moved here in August of 2005 just before Katrina too. And we had 3 houses at the time (yes, you read that right; the house we bought here in OH, the house we lived in in NH, and a house that we owned, but rented out in NH.) It was a mess. We were broke and I was worried all the time about not selling the other houses. But anytime I read anything about Katrina, I thought I should stop being so selfish and worrying about the fact that I had 3 houses when some people had none! Urgh.

On a positive note, I hope your 70's party is fab! Wish I could come! :)
Heavy on the Caffeine

HappyHourSue said...

OMG- Is that why I've been glued to the TV? We're carrying 2 mortgages right now and It's about putting us under.

Happy Pills: check.
Hurricane obsession: check.

More HotBoy pics!!!!

jill jill bo bill said...

So how far is Dallas from you? I have no kids this weekend and am hankerin' for some Car Wash.

I have 2 mortgages too. WTF?

Tiffany said...

Um hey Tena wanna come visit? hehe I'll let you know when to come. Just let me check the weather first. Preferably August thru September would be great.