Monday, August 4, 2008

The theme of the day: Anxiety

It's Monday morning and my mind is running rampant. I've just gone through all of my favorite blogs to see 'what people are talking about'. I don't think it's writer's block, so much as it is lack of organization in my head. So let's consider this an 'uncluttering of my brain' post.

*** The puppy slept from 10:30-7AM- my brain issue may be from shock and overload of sleep.

***We had him groomed yesterday and he didn't stink for about an hour. Yeah us, for an hour!

***We have enlisted the pennies in a can discipline, as suggested, and it's working beautifully- he's scared to do anything wrong- I've always thought fear=well behaved.

***I am having anxiety about my kids going back to school next week (I never thought I would say that!), because I will have to take care of the puppy all day, myself!!!

*** We are going to 'the farm' this weekend. 'The farm' is my step- grandpa's property of 230 acres with a small farmhouse and a lake about 2 hours away. I went there a lot growing up and have good memories. I went back last year for the first time in several years and brought the kids. We all had a great time. It's as close to 'roughing it' as I've ever done (and ever will do). I'm not much of an outdoorsy gal, but I'm going with my sister, who's even less! I guess I am looking forward to it, but have lots to do to get ready. I will definitely bring my camera!

*** I worked out this weekend- trying to get back on track. My stomach is still sore which makes me feel good.

***I am cursing my local grocery store for having samples of a 'organic' double chocolate chip cookie. They were delish and I justified eating the whole package too many because of their 'all natural' status!

*** I got the job at the lingerie boutique, which I am excited about, but completely nervous, too. I can't believe I'm going to have to be a grown up again.

*** I'd really like to get back to my 'fighting weight' so I could take advantage of the employee discount!

*** Back to school overwhelms me! I went school shopping this weekend. My kids go to private school (so they have uniforms) so all we need is actual supplies and shoes. I spent $400 for 3 of them! I can't imagine if I had to buy clothes!

***My calendar is getting full already with soccer, volleyball, fall baseball, mandatory school workshops and meetings. I am not very comfortable around the skinny bitches fellow school moms and am having a hard time holding it together!

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Deb said...

Hey Tena,

I totally get what you're saying. I always get anxious around back to school time, because I know it's the end of the less hectic calendar, and we get immersed into the crazy schedule, etc. It all seems so overwhelming. Somehow, it all settles down, sort of. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know you're not alone!!

Will you be working full time?

Jill said...

Hello - GORGEOUS family. Love the photo with everyone so happy with the puppy. Remember that moment!

Congratulations on getting the job! Lingerie department - what fun! I'm always the "one" who asks for help when I'm just standing in a bra and underwear... Enjoy!

jill jill bo bill said...

OMG I worked in the lingerie dept many moons ago. We always had this sicko call daily and ask what we were wearing. It became the highlight of my day. We would fight over who would answer the phone....It was slow in that dept needless to say.

You will do great!!!

georgie said...

Part of me REALLY wishes our school system would go to uniforms-I spent $400 on one bean and that still doesn't include,yearbook($50) spirit wear($15) PTA membership($5) adding money to lunch accounts($unkown at this moment) school supplies($ unkown since I dont have a list yet)

My point I feel your pain!
mr gp is on the 3-11 shift this month which means I won't know if I am coming OR going between football and cheer practices

I think i will go get a valium drip

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Ahh...time alone with the puppy...just what you need to bond...and there will be bonding.

I will be taking the kids clothes shopping...first time doing this. I expect to pay about $200 each...I hope..

Tena said...

Hey Tena,

I can totally relate to you with your whole anxiety, it is an awful feeling! In fact I have to go to the doctors today about mine. Your kids go back to school early, I still have a month to go, come on FALL!! LOL
Congratulations on getting the job, I just knew you would!

Duffy Dolittle said...
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Monkey's Momma said...

Beautiful kids!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE meeting fellow bloggers from Missouri. I bookmarked you and will add you to my blogroll soon, okay!

Zookeeper said...

You sound like me when I talk about the kids going back to school. I am also very anxious about the school year starting up again. You would think I would be relieved, but it's quite the opposite. There’s so much more to do and to remember that it nearly gives me a panic attack thinking about it. Breathe in....breathe out. Aaahhh. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one freaking out about this.

Tiffany said...

Ooh employee discount. I'm freaking out about school and mine doesn't start til 2009. LOL

C said...

See? You got some sleep! What'd I tell you? It'll get better & better even w/o the kids home to take care of him!

Congrats on your new job! How exciting--you'll get to dress up in real clothes! :) I can't wait til I get to do that...wait, I guess, who says I can't, right?


Queen-Size funny bone said...

The puppy will survive, the kids went to school last and will go again next year, Lingerie will be fun and all will be well with the world.

Mrs4444 said...

Your kids are beautiful, BTW. So sweet. Congrats on the job, and good luck getting in shape :)