Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Year without Tony

So it's been a whole year since the finale of The Soprano's aired. Can you believe it? Does it seem like a year since all of the anticipation? Does it seem like it's been a whole year of new habits on Sunday nights? Does it seem like it's been a whole year since the complete let down that was the series finale for one of television's most critically acclaimed shows in history?

I do miss tucking in the kids on Sunday night at a mean pace so I could race downstairs to hear the jazzy beat of "Woke up This Morning" as the credits roll over the beautiful shots of the Jersey landscape. It was one of those things my husband and I always did together. Watching people get whacked, blood and guts, the adultery, Goomaras, the crime, and the profanity, aaah, the romance... I'm a simple girl, that way!

I miss the scenes at the Bada Bing, something good always happened there! I could have done without the stripper's shimmying boobs in the background, but I wouldn't take that highlight away from my husband. I miss the way Adrianne whined but Christofa! I miss Dr. Melfi trying to hide her undying passion for Tony behind her bullshit psycho babble. I miss Paulie's wings. I miss Sill and his unexpected witty wisdom and bad toupee. I miss crazy Uncle Junior and how he treated Bobby like a red- headed step-child!

Oddly enough, though, I mostly miss the time that my husband and I shared. The talks that we had after that hour ended sometimes lasted longer than the show, itself. I always felt he analyzed it too much and he thought my "face value" view was too simplistic. We would predict the next episode from the 90 second teaser that we were left with. It was completely not deep, unmeaning conversation, but it was conversation. After 13 years of marriage, at least for us, fresh conversation, not having anything to do with the kids, the house, or work is refreshing and hard to come by. So thank you, David Chase, for the reprieve in my somewhat mundane marital conversations for the short 7 years it lasted. Please know that your words and characters are missed.

Our conversations have been lagging for the last year so now I must get my husband to become interested in Dexter or Weeds in an effort to save my marriage.

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The Mom said...

Hubby and I loved watching the Sopranos together!! I hated Christopher after Adrianna was murdered! The ending sucked too...if they do that to LOST i'm going to have my t.v. whacked!

Did you ever watch 6 Feet Under? Those were good shows Hubby and I loved to watch...that and Curb Your Enthusiasm if we needed laughs instead of death and dying.

Hope you find that "together" show again...I know what you mean about bringing you together!

Crazed Mom said...

We watch L&O:CI together and SVU as well. My spouse likes all the comedies on CBS Monday night. I really like the The Big Bang(one of the funniest on tv) and How I met Your Mother, the rest eh...

And we like to watch The Closer on TNT together. New shows start next week. Gosh if we did not watch some shows together and the news I have no clue what we would talk about after 21 years of marriage!! ;)

aka JaniceNW

Sue said...

My husband and I totally bond over 'our shows"; Sopranos, Weeds, the L Word, Big Love, In Treatment, Heroes and Lost. If you missed any of those, I'd highly reccommend getting hooked via DVD.

Sully Sullivan said...

Weeds and Dexter are both phenomenal shows and I still contend that The Sopranos was the best show ever aired on TV.

Zookeeper said...

I know what you mean about sharing time together watching a show you both enjoy. It’s great to have that common interest and something you like to do together. My husband and I used to watch The Sopranos as well, but we don’t have cable. We are TV-on-DVD watchers. We get television series on DVD so we can watch them whenever we like, and we can watch 3 or 4 episodes in a row. Who needs sleep, right?

When The Sopranos ended we started trying out some other series. We really like Entourage and Battlestar Galactica. Maybe you and your husband could try out a new show on DVD also. I bet he misses that time together too.