Friday, June 13, 2008

Comments, please.

I reached a milestone yesterday with my "guest post" honors. Drum roll please... comments in the double digits! Woo Hoo! Let's all say it together- WHAT A DORK! So not why I do this! It was fun while it lasted, but I will move on, back to my modest 0-3 comments per post and I will be happy with that because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!

Today, I decided to do a little reading since I was visited by some new faces yesterday. I have gone to every blog that has commented on any of my posts. If my attention span cooperated, I went through archives, I felt I owed it to them. I have learned so much about so many more people! It's like being introduced to a bunch of people at a party without the judgement, self- doubt, awkward silences, or having to worry about what to wear!

Now, I'm not a huge commenter, unless it's someone I regularly visit and have some wierd delusion that I "know" them well enough to say something that could, very likely, be inappropriate! I'm quite ballsy out here in the blogosphere! I also may comment if I think I really have something to add to the pot. However, if there are over 15 comments- screw it, what am I gonna say that 15 people didn't just cover, seriously, I'm not that witty! I think it's kind of like leaving a message on an answering machine. I hate when people hang up on my answering machine. Although I do it all the time- hypocrite!

With blogging, it's a little different, though. Some people may leave a comment for "credit" that they were there, a sign up sheet, if you will. Some others, I think, use comments as an advertisement for their blog. Most of us are little fish in a big pond, after all, so if you want the readers, do what you gotta do, knock yourself out. I'm not here as a money making venture- though that would certainly be nice- I don't know that I'm that ambitious. Readers are awesome and comments are just a garnish. Empathy rocks! Someone patting you on the back and saying, I understand, I feel your pain, my kid puked on my carpet last night, too! - that's why I'm here!

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Mr Lady said...

I am a terrible commenter. I feel like a dork if I don't have something better than WORD UP! to say.

But see? Today I delurked here. Hehehe.

And yes, I delurked to say hehehehe. See what I mean? :)

The Mom said...

LOL at Word Up!

Sometimes commenting to me is like forcing myself to journal in my scrapbooks...forced and not genuine, so I *try* and say something good or worthy or save it for the next post.

I too look at 20+ posts and think...the author isn't reading these anymore, why should I..but I still do sometimes, like at Pioneer Woman! Her contests are crazy, they get like 13,000+ comments...cah ray zey!

Oh and the "for the money thing" yeah, right, me and my 12 cents from google went far...whatev.

I better stop, i'm so babbling, sorry Tena ;)

The Mom said...

Oh and one more thing (sorry)...I have my comments pass through my email first...I kinda like that so then I will always read them ...all. ;)


You seem to say alot of what I'm thinking! I'm not good at expressing my feelings in my writing or in speaking....shall I say...I am not a good communicator? Anyways....I love to read your is like you are reading my mind. Freaky ..huh?

Congrats on the double digits!

PiaG said...

I am one of those silent stalkers... I read lots of blogs, but don't always comment. I only comment when I feel like I have something to say. But I'm shy - so it's not often!!!

But I really like your blog and I hope your comments stay "up there"

C said...

First of all, I loved your post on Sarcastic Mom yesterday--I read her too--great job!

Secondly, I get you with the comment game...if there's too many, it seems a little redundant (although, sometimes I delude myself into thinking I AM that witty, and leave a comment anyway.)

I don't leave comments as a form of promotion--I only leave one if I feel one...that said, I usually have some reaction or feel a sense of commeraderie with what I've read. I have actually had someone tell me to only leave comments on "BIG" blogs so I would get more of the "right" readers--can you believe? I'm sorry, but I can pimp myself out in other ways. I'm not going to waste my time reading about people that I wouldn't want to spend time with in "real life." I'm interested in reading people that I feel a kinship with. Like you!
Sorry about blabbing on and on and on--I could've written a whole post about this apparently.

The Mom said...

Tena...from your dashboard go to settings-->then comments-->Enable Comment Moderation....that should give you a y/n and then a spot for your email address.

Terri said...

you can so come by my place - I don't think I've ever gotten 15 comments, lucky to get one! I did enjoy your guest post over at Lotus' place.

is it five o'clock yet? said...

i thought you did a fabulous job as a guest "blogger" on the site. i, too, have four kids (14,13,6,almost 3)--can you say "please pass the wine?"

keep it up--we're all each other has. i've decided blogging is the new black and is the only thing that keeps us (moms) from slitting our wrists or jumping off the nearest bridge.


scarletvirago said...

Thanks for this post! I've been struggling with how to address this issue myself and now I don't have to because this really sums it up.

I love it when other people have the good ideas first. It really saves what few brain cells I have left.

Heather said...

Ha, your such a wonderful smartass...can I say that here? I found you from Sarcastic Mom and browsed some of your archives...some fo them are just too funny!

I thought I should comment after the post you wrote HELLO!!

Sogeshirtsguy said...

Funny stuff. I think you nailed all of my evil motives. Although I do enjoy reading your blog its all about pure evil self promotion for me... I mean good content. Seriously your blog is awesome and I comment cause I like it.

LiteralDan said...

I didn't used to comment on blogs at all, till I started mine and realized how helpful and fun they are. Now I try to comment at least half the time I read someone's blog.

If I had a shortage of things to say, I'm sure I wouldn't be publishing a blog, so I'm not usually at a loss for comments.

And really, without people reading, there's no point in making a blog public vs. a private diary, and without comments, it's hard to know how many people are really reading what you write, instead of just stumbling by accidentally. Right?

Faerie Mom said...

I always try to comment on blogs I read regularly. Try being the operative word there. SOmetimes I just have nothing to say. Or, if it is a huge blog and has 40 - 50 comments already.... I sometimes am a little intimidated. How can people read and respond to all of those comments? Wow. Anytime I get double digits on my comments I get all excited! LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. Please comment and let me know you are there if you come back! hehehe

Faerie Mom said...

Oh, yeah. I linked to you on my blog. I hope you don't mind!

Mrs4444 said...

This is a great post; very real, and I could relate. I usually comment if I'm inspired to say something, but sometimes I just read and go. I, too, hate to be one of a bajilliion commenters. I feel lost at ThePioneerWoman, for example (though I can't stay away). Personally speaking, I like your comments at my blog, but more than anything else, when I read your comment, I remember your smiling face on your avatar, and it makes me smile. You have become a friend, and I look forward to your visits in general; not just for the comment :)

lightening said...

I tend to comment a fair bit. Mostly because I seem to often have an opinion on a topic. I have to admit that it is getting harder to comment on everything I read because I read a LOT of blogs.

But I also understand how much bloggers LOVE their comments (they're not wrong when they call it blogging crack) so try to comment at least occasionally.

All of that leaves very little (like no) time for commenting simply to attract attention to myself. :)

This is my first time here (came over from your guest post on Sarcastic Mom).

P.S. I just noticed you don't allow anonymous comments on your blog. I don't have an openID account but fortunately do have a blogger account (even though my 2 main blogs are self hosted). Anyone who doesn't either have a blogger account or an open ID account is not able to currently leave you a comment.

Jill said...

I have only started leaving comments in the past few month... and like most everyone above, not usually on big blogs with tons and tons of comments.

I've enjoyed catching up on your postings...

Deb said...

Hi Tena,

I am very comment conscious. I could only dream of getting 15+ comments. To me, comments are positive affirmation, but since I lurk a lot, I should be able to understand why comments don't always happen.

For the record, you may comment inappropriately on my blog. I am not easily offended, and consider myself to be highly inappropriate. :) For the record, I am now a daily reader of your blog.

Mrs4444 said...

P.S. Tena, I just read your guest post over at Sarcastic Mom, and it's terrific! GREAT job!! :)

Anonymous said...

I secretly get so excited when I see comments come through. Mine aren't often in the double digits, but I kinda figure if someone has something to say they will say it.

Rock out, chica!