Monday, June 9, 2008

Who Knew?

If anyone has seen the movie Charlie Wilson's War and it was a great movie and I should really see it, please bear me the details. On the other hand, if it totally sucked, bored you to tears or was overrated as the critical success, by all means- share!

Here's the thing... I belong to Blockbuster Total Access. You go online, pick movies you like, recieve them in the mail, then mail them back for one monthly price. The reason I chose Blockbuster (as opposed to Netflicks), is that, if I get the urge, I can go to the location, exchange the mail-in movie for one at the store and not have to depend on snail mail before I get a new movie (and I'm all about instant gratification!).

Two weeks ago, I did just this. I traded, in-store, my Before the Devil Knows You're Dead for Charlie Wilson's War. Little did I realize that yard work, baseball games, practices, birthday parties, and "being so tired I could hardly hold my head up" life was going to keep me from watching the movie. I kept the movie one day past due with the silly nieve notion that I would watch it the next day. Then the next, and the next, and the next.

So, I'm a realistic person that can admit defeat. I give up, I wasn't going to watch this movie. Oh yeah, and I recieved a phone call that I would be charged the amount of the movie if not returned by midnight the next day. (And by phone call, I mean a ridiculous automated robot voice calling from (000)000-0000.) I put the movie in the car before we leave for the day's errands and drop the movie off at a Blockbuster along the way. Mind you, not the Blockbuster that I usually use or the one that my account was set up at (which is an hour away!), nonetheless IT WAS RETURNED TO BLOCKBUSTER!

So a half an hour ago, I get a phone call from the robot stalker at (000)000-0000 informing me that my credit card has been charged $23.99 for Charlie Wilson's War !!! I immediately call the Blockbuster that I returned it to, to complain. My name is not in their files, huh? Apparently, all Blockbusters do not use the same computer system, huh? I returned it to the wrong one and am not getting credit for having returned it, huh??? While the managers at my Blockbuster are resolving this issue for me, I ask you, did anyone else know this???

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Zookeeper said...

We just watched Charlie Wilson's War. I liked it - even better than I liked some of the Oscar nominated films of this past year - but I probably wouldn't spend $23.99 on it. I hope you get that issue straightened out.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, we did go to high school together. It was nice to hear from you. Please don’t be offended, but I didn’t publish your comment because I am kind of a freak about putting our first names on the website. Trying to keep the kids safe in cyberworld and all that, you know.

I truly appreciate the condolences for my brother-in-law. It has been such a shock to our whole family.

It was fun to catch up with you on the internet. Hope you don’t mind if I check in on you every now and then!

C said...

I didn't see the movie, so I'm not sure on that one...I do however have a membership to Blockbuster, and in a word:Blockbuster sucks! (ok-two words!) Join Netflicks--they're much better.
~Christy (Heavy on the Caffeine)

Huckdoll said...

I've made the same mistake but they made me get back in my car, hit up the wrong location to pick the movie up and drop it at the right location.

Total piss off!!

But I've never done it again....

Alice said...

Stuff like that just irritates the bejeezus out of me. Seems like you should be able to return it to ANY Blockbuster. Grrr....

Sully Sullivan said...

Your procrastination on watching movies hit a note with me. I still have a copy of The Departed at my house that I rented when it was still a new release. Needless to say, it's my copy now. Nothing like paying full retail for a DVD that you don't even have an official case for. Yay generic clear plastic cases. Now everyone that comes to my house can see a trophy of my utter laziness and expert level procrastination.

I like your blog. That's probably because you're a Libra like me. I've bookmarked you and I'll be checking in frequently. If you ever need some distraction from those kids...take a look at my pop culture comedy blog. Have a great day.

LunaNik said...

Yep, I actually did know this.

But ONLY because I once tried to return a movie to a different store and thankfully had the foresight to go in and ask if that was ok. Um, nope, not so ok.

I was annoyed. It REALLY should be stated outright instead of in teeny tiny, fine print, don't ya think???

Ann said...

I do the Blockbuster thing too, and I had no idea about the different location/drop-off situation.
Your blog is fun AND informative!
(And thank you so much for the info. about the tomato situation. I knew I posted the video with that in mind, but I forgot. You have received proper credit. You smart Tena, you!!!)

Faerie Mom said...

I use Netflix because I am notorious for not being able to return anything on time. Not my fault. I blame the kids.