Saturday, June 7, 2008

20 Things I will never do

Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy posted this meme for anyone to take. I see people say they've been "tagged" to do a meme, I assume that means someone "asks" you to do one(?)... I wasn't asked or tagged and never have been, but I was always the last one picked for kickball in grade school, too! So here goes:

20 Things I will never do:

1.) Be considered "sweet". I'm perfectly nice and likeable, but I'm too honest, realistic, blatent, outspoken... you get the idea.

2.) Be computer savvy!

3.) Eat broccoli- I am a person that has a strong sense of smell and broccoli stinks, thus it will NEVER go in my mouth!

4.) Eat seafood- see reason #3

5.) Like black and white movies (they bore me!)

6.) Be relaxed- being uptight is a part of me!

7.) Be satisfied with my appearance- what can I say, I'm superficial when it comes to myself- I easily see beauty in everyone else!

8.) Lose my sense of humor

9.) Like to read

10.) Get rid of my strech marks- They don't look like strech marks-they look like I was in a bad cat fight with a mountain lion and I had to get surgery to stop the bleeding and the surgery went awry!

11.) Stop using profanity- I don't know what's wrong with me- I have a potty mouth!

12.) Not be annoyed to high hell about simple grammatical errors. Yes, that is a double negative and it's like nails down a chalk board!!!

13.) Be rich, but I will always dream of it!

14.) Regret my life or mistakes I've made. I choose to learn from them.

15.) Forget my friends- even if we don't talk all of the time, I'll always be there for them when they need me.

16.) Get a belly ring or wear a midriff showing bikini - see reason # 10

17.) Have a pet- don't even go there- I've heard it all- We all have allergies and I am a neat freak!

18.) Choose to eat something salty over something chocolatey (now it could be a tie in the case of chocolate covered pretzels)

19.) Be a vegetarian- I'm carniverous- like my steak medium rare and bloody-grosses my husband out!

20.) Stop looking for a deal- I'm cheap, I mean frugal.

Ok, there it is, phew... that was harder than I thought! Thanks for the material on a brain dead day, Jen!

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Sogeshirtsguy said...

Nothing wrong with sticking to your personality and core convictions. Keep on swearing and not eating broccoli. I hate black and white movies too. They may be a film buffs or librarians wet dream but they bore me to tears.

The Mom said...

I'm shuddering at the thought of a belly ring on my mess of a stomach...the poor thing would be swallowed never to be seen again!! LOL!!

I got 'a talking to' about "tagging" people who don't always enjoy for now if people want to play the meme's, feel free.

I guess I still have a lot to learn about blogging. *blush*

C said...

I love your list. I have lots in common with you...especially the part about the stretch marks (that mountain lion paid me a visit as well!)

IRISHKAT said...

Wow! You would be amazed at how many of those I went "yeah! Me too!!" Except I like seafood - so send it my way anytime!

Ann said...

You make me laugh!

Tena said...

Hey, I wonder if you and I went to the same doctor for our surgery when we got in a cat fight! Move over and share the bench! What a fun idea, might be doing my own list soon....

Jill said...

Totally enjoyed your list! Can relate to so many of them... except broccoli. I do love the stuff.

LunaNik said...

You said the magic word in this post...


I am a frugal be-yotch and am in the process of starting a my Thrifty Chick blog.

I'll give you the heads up when it's up and ready because I think it's something you'll enjoy.