Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well, It Ain't E! News, but...

Today, I have been inflicted with SASD (short attention span deficit). Nothing has kept my attention for more than, oh, 6 minutes. It's very hard to write a sensible post on days like today when my brain isn't working.

A perfect day for thoughtless random celebrity crap (this is what I was looking at for 6 minutes!). Here are some things I discovered. Let me know if I have my facts wrong, I don't think I read one story all the way through!

*** Vanity Fair is reporting Gina Gershon (I thought she was a lesbian) and Bill Clinton had an affair, wha???

***Lindsey Lohan told OK magazine that she's a lesbian.

***Tila Tequila is suspected to not be a bisexual, after all- surprise!

***Tatum O'Neal- recovering drug addict arrested for buying crack- claimed at first that it was research for a role- now says the relapse was due to her dog dying. Can you say take responsibility?

***Linda Hogan, Hulk's ex, is dating a 19 year old boy!!! And they oddly resmemble each other! Ick!

***Does NO ONE wear underwear in Hollywood? I don't get it? I can't even comfortably wear a thong, but these ladies just lay it out there! She deserved that crappy inset picture! Put on some panties, do I have to be the one to tell you that you are 41 years old???!!!

***Top Chef- I am a fan! Part One of the finale is tonight- I am not a fan of the 2 part finale- it sucks! Anyhow, if you watch... Richard Blaise is one of the finalists (who I didn't like at first, but now he's my fave) there was an episode where they cook for children and are assigned a child to be their helper. He got kind of emotional being around the kids and said he couldn't wait to get home to "make a baby"- so sweet even though I sort of thought he was gay and was confused, but he wasn't- he was married and he and his wife just had a daughter, Riley Maddox Blaise.

***Cameron Diaz and Diddy an item, kinda wierd, but OK!

***Two words: Willie Zeitgeist- how have I never heard of this guy? He's apparently on MSNBC. With my love for all things useless and stupidly funny- I think I love him. If I were more technologically inclined, ideally ,I'd love to put the video on here, but that ain't happening! So try this:

I like it all, but particularily enjoyed the "school cupcake ban"!

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The Mom said...

*Lindsey, we'll see how long she plays for the same team!

*I don't even know who Tila Tequila is.

*Hollywood and undies...I mean if you're not going to wear them wear a longer skirt/dress and don't get out of the car like a MAN, class ladies, come on!

*Am I the only one who doesn't think Cameron Diaz is attractive AT ALL!?

Tenakim said...

the mom
- lindsey- agreed total publicity stunt!
Tila Tequila was a big internet girl and got her own reality show on MTV where she chose between boys and girls- it's now in it's
2nd season.
I MUST wear underwear- I don't get it.
Cameron- sometimes I think she looks good- in some pictures, not so much.

Joeprah said...

I am a pop culture dunce. Thanks for the update, no matter how disturbing it is. LOL

C said...

I don't get the no undies thing either. I'm glad it's not JUST me b/c I was beginning to feel like it was just another way that I am getting old!


Sandy C. said...

Oh man! I loved reading this :) I had a feeing about Tile Tequila. She seems to do just about anything to get attention.

OMG about Lindsey. Is there nothing she hasn't tried???