Friday, June 20, 2008

Crazy College Confessions

On my new sexy radio, I seem to be migrating back to the '90's Alternative channel. Nirvana, Live, Concrete Blonde, Radio Head- this music is cathartic to me, I can't help it.

In High School, I listened to pop music, was a cheerleader, had a boyfriend, got good grades, and, frankly, put myself to sleep. I was in college in the early
'90's. It was an awakening of my soul- does that sound corny? I don't care, it really was. I became who I am today from 1990- 1994, the real me.

Up until that time (and probably, to an extent, now) I was what I thought I should be. As a student living away from home, with all the liberties to do whatever I wanted; I did whatever the hell I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted... there were some discoveries of great love and some grave mistakes, some that I regret, some that I am glad I did, and some that I learned from... here are just a few:

* I don't smoke. When filling out my paperwork for my dormitory, I chose a "smoking floor". I thought I would have a better chance of rooming with people that were "cool".

* Daughter of an alcoholic, I was never a fan of drinking, I guess I had been "branded" that drinking was "bad"(which, certainly it is for some; many). However, in my young, scattered mind, I justified drug use was a better option. It never became an addiction, but was a crutch at times and I often credit getting pregnant with my son for giving me a reason to stop.

* I worked for a "cool" skater shop and was really into grunge. I wore Birkenstocks, bought all of my clothes at second hand stores and pierced my ears as a past time (at last count, it was 17, I think).

* I applied for the 2Nd season of The Real World. I filled out a 20 some odd page application and made a video. We traveled all around town and had a blast making it! I loved The Real World, New York, but in hindsight, I'm glad I didn't get anywhere with it because season 2- Los Angeles, sucked! I would, however, sell my music collection and maybe a kid for a chance to get that video that I sent them- I miss all those people!

* I was in a sorority (this may seem contradictory, but I am complex). I dabbled, actually. I rushed, I went through the pledging process and Hell Week. I quit the night of initiation, honestly, I couldn't afford it!

* I dated a guy that was the bass player in one of the major bands from the area. I was in the "in crowd" during that time. On all the "lists", no cover charges, dedications, blah, blah, blah- I thought I was the shit, I wasn't. Oh yeah, I wasn't even 21 yet, I made my own fake ID.

* I wanted a tattoo and wanted it on my ankle, but wanted to test it out first. Do you remember the trend of cartoon character tattoos? OK, I knew people that had Underdog, Tweety Bird, and Bugs Bunny- I got Pebbles Flintstone on my hipbone, back when there was a visible hipbone. Funny story... I was thin and not modest, maybe even a slight exhibitionist. I had gone swimming and on a whim, went to the tattoo parlor- wearing a bikini! It was located next to a strip joint named "Foxy's"- obviously a class joint and I fit right in! 'Big Jake' was a, well, big, hairy, jolly man with , what else, many tattoos. He did his artistry on my nearly naked body and I was really happy with it until my first pregnancy stretched out Pebbles' bouffant!

* About a month later, I was sick of pulling down my pants (to show off my tattoo on my hip). I got another one, a sunflower, I know, GAY! But it was on my ankle. Do you remember how popular sunflowers were? I drew it myself (which is one reason why I still don't hate it), I was one of the first people I knew to get one (or two), and it reminds me of a fond time in my life (which is the other reason why I still have it- I only wish that the cool guys at Miami Ink could whip into something that doesn't scream 1990!)

I'm going to stop getting all nostalgic on you and go host a Camp Rock party! Stay tuned, I will post highlights.

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The Mom said...

Great memories, I would have never guessed Cheerleader and Sorority girl at all!

DQ is watching Camp Rock this very minute!

C said...

Yeah, I'm with the mom...cheerleader? Sorority? You are just too cool for that! lol I think it's important to sow those wild oats at some point...except, it's not okay for MY KIDS!

Ann said...

Pebbles bouffant!!!
(Can we get a picture of that?)
I relate to the nostalgia. In my heart I will always be 26. ***I'm so-o-o far from 26***

scarletvirago said...

This is awesome! It reminds me an awful lot of that same time in my life, except that instead of going to college, I drove across the country with my rocker boyfriend. Which, actually, taught me a lot. Like what a creep he was.

Tiffany said...

Damn I was gonna do a post about my tattoos. Now I'll just look like a copycat. LOL Or I might do it and link to you and give you all the credit. HAHA

Sogeshirtsguy said...

I much prefer grunge music today over the crap that is on the radio. Rock now a days is pretty much dead. If only Kurt Cobaine was still here.

Mrs4444 said...

Very enlightening, Tena. :) Thanks for sharing these. Do you remember Yes Duffy, from the Real World? My niece is marrying him in September (in California; I get to go again!!)