Thursday, October 2, 2008

Be My Friend

About a year ago, my sister wanted to me to go to MySpace to see her husband's cousin. She is an actress living in LA and had some interesting pictures that she wanted me to see. I went because I follow directions and I'm TOTALLY nosey!

If you are a voyeuristic freak that gets into trends that you are far too old for- like me- you may know that in order to snoop around MySpace, you have to create a "page" . So, I did. I saw my brother in law's cousin's pictures and had accomplished what I set out to do.

HOWEVER, that can of worms was already opened- I needed more! Now, I didn't know too many people on MySpace since I'm an old fart, but my twenty-something sister had a few friends on there that I became "friends" with. I was able to peek into their lives and pictures and was dumbfounded.

Here is why... I saw kids that were just out of high school and in their twenties using this "social network" - but for what? They still see each other! Haven't they heard of the phone or e-mail? They don't really have "LIVES" that have moved them in different directions, causing them to lose touch with old friends.

I thought what an amazing resource for people like myself that actually have lost contact with old friends! I toyed around on MySpace for a little while, but inevitably ended up realizing that I was just too old, not a pervert, and was sick of declining random friend requests from 18 year old boys- I swear they said they were 18!

Still in the mood to find old faces, I went to the oldie, but goodie- It is a great way to be nosey, if only someone would fill out any information! I must have gone to school with a bunch of idiots because NO ONE has pictures or profiles- I wonder if they know how to? That's no good-how could I stalk them, be jealous of how great they look, see if they got fat, or see if the guys were going bald?

I did however, find an old boyfriend on Classmates- or he found me- not sure which. We exchanged e-mails and did the obligatory stroll down memory lane via e-mail (which is so less painful than in person.) It was actually not horrible catching up with him and we have since kept in touch and exchanged e-mails and dirty jokes every once in a while.

So, then Facebook enters the picture. I started an account with them because one of my friends had recently had a baby and said if I signed up, I could see current pictures by going there. That was 6 months ago. Six months of forgetting I had that account, not knowing how to use it and having 1 friend- LOSER!!!

In the last 2 days, I have received 6 friend requests from people I went to high school with!!! What has happened? Have people realized, finally, like me, that us old folks are the ones that should have a "social network" and finally set their eyes on Facebook?

I am very confused. I don't know how to use it at all. I don't get "writing on walls" and green seeds (huh?) I have been able to be nosey though and that's awesome!

So the diet for my vacation, is two fold now, because I'll be damned if I'm "that girl" that got all fat and shit!

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Anonymous said...

I signed up for myspace a few years ago so I could check out a band I liked. I kinda let it slide over the last year or so and have really gotten into Facebook. Tool around on it, and enjoy finding people you've lost touch with!

Candy said...

I don't even remotely understand MySpace and Facebook, and I have two teenage children. My daughter will check her Facebook to see if she's going to the movies tonight with her friends. Um...isn't that why I'm paying an ungodly amount for a cell phone???

C said...

Okay, Facebook is waaay better than MySpace. I don't know...MySpace just seems a little on the sleezy side with all the pictures of 15 year olds in their under wear--yuck! I heart Facebook (but you already know that) it's totally fun! Look me upon it & I'll show you how it al works (but only if you want to, b/c it's a time suck--I actually quit the Buzz for Facebook.)


georgie said...

I, like Candy have NO clue about myspace or facebook-hell I am doing good to learn blogger-
I do peek in my neighbors windows tho' if that makes ya feel any better ;-)

Liza said...

I have become addicted to Facebook! I have reconnected with so many old friends on there recently. It definitely is the new and I think it attracts a somewhat older audience than MySpace. Start searching for old friends of yours, it gets addicting - trust me! And if you can blog, you can certainly pick up Facebook!

Annie said...

I love Facebook for checking out people factor!
I also like to play scramble on it.
Nerd, aren't I!?!?

Paige said...

I just took up facebook a few weeks ago and at frist I could nto fnid many people my age--all my sister's class though-since then, my people have been popping up all over.

I am having a ball even if I feel like a stalker

And I like the word games too for breaks at work.

Tiffany said...

I only have a myspace. And I keep getting friend requests from porn people. How did they know I was into porn? LOL