Friday, May 30, 2008

He cracks himself up!

I like to entertain. That is, I used to like to entertain before we moved to this God forsaken town where I don't fit in and have no one to host. Anyway, when I say the phrase "to entertain" for example, as I did when we were house shopping (I was looking for a home that was comfortable to entertain in) or when grocery shopping (I pick up a bottle of wine or extra soda just in case because I like to entertain)... you get the idea... every time I put those words together, my husband giggles like a schoolgirl. I find this annoying and distracting like much that he does.

me: what is so funny?

husband: just say "have people over"

me: why?

husband: (through his intermittent chuckles) because every time you say "entertain", I picture you wearing a top hat and dancing around like in some kind of cabaret show.

And speaking of hats, we were having a real heart to heart and I was telling him that I didn't feel appreciated. Explaining that I do everything for our family while all he's expected to do is work. I made the mistake of using the cliche "I wear many hats." Again he was chucking it up. Clearly, this brought another visual to his mind. I didn't need an explaination, but I got one. "I just see you wearing a chef's hat, a sailor hat, a clown's hat, maybe a beret..." God give me strength!

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Jane @ Kidzarama said...

I can see where that would be annoying.

Especially in the middle of a heart~to~heart.

He's lucky he's not mine or he'd be wearing more than a hat on his head.

If you were wearing your chef's hat, he could wear a matching bowl of spaghetti...

Honeybell said...

I think most husbands have the emotional quotient of a 2nd grader.

Mrs4444 said...

Yeah, E.Q. is pretty lacking for most men.

If you email me, Tena, I'll send you the educational criteria for Autism. It's just interesting, in case you're curious.

Ann said...

Trying to have a serious talk and have your husband making jokes...NOT O.K. !!!
Man, do I know what you're going through!
(I wish we lived closer. I just loved to be entertained!)

Sue said...

Hang in there with finding people you want to hang with. i love to ENTERTAIN too - but it took me 2 years after moving here to find 2 couples I really like. Now I'm entertaining my butt off to make up for lost time. :)

Faerie Mom said...

My hubby is one of these guys who kind something amusing or makes smart ass comments about anything I say if I don't really think about it before i say it..... if that made sense. HAHAHAHA

Drives me crazy.