Thursday, May 29, 2008

Evils of the world


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The Mom said...


Great photo!

Alice said...

You have a plumber in the making!

Honeybell said...

kicks off crocs and pulls up pants

Rebecca A.K.A. Mum said...

haha but it is a cute little crack at least and not some hairy arsed old guy! LOL

Simple Answer said...

Great pic! Be glad she's not at the age where she wants her butterfly thong to hang out!

Ann said...

Or... "Don't Crack and Croc".
Or... "Friends Don't Let Friends Crack with Croc".
Ah Tena, let's go share a bottle of wine and come up with some more!
(Also... Thanks for the recipe!
I'm going to try it this weekend.)

Mrs4444 said...

Hey there...Just wanted to pop over after reading your comment on Jen's site about your daughter and her peculiar behaviors. I'm not sure who evaluated her, but just because she is very verbal does not rule out autism at all. Autism Spectrum Disorder is just that; on a spectrum from flapping armed kids who don't speak or engage others to very verbal, quite normal-looking kids with mild autism. Was this an informal eval, or did you take her to a pediatrician? Either way, it sounds like your family has learned to accommodate her idiocyncracies, which is good.