Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My (born in Britain of Greek heritage) Idol

Ok, I am watching American Idol- like many, I'm sure. I'm not waiting with baited breath for the winner like most, though. Nope, but I am breathing heavy while waiting for something else.

George Michael. I loooove him!!! I love his songs, his voice, his looks, even his old worn out five O'clock shadow! I don't care how many times he gets caught with drugs. Who am I to judge if he gets caught getting a little somethin' somethin' in the men's bathroom? I will overlook how flaming gay he is and dream of him going straight for me! Sure, he's getting old, but who the hell isn't?

I loved him in Wham as he overshadowed poor wallflower, Andrew Ridgely. Wearing his absurd oversized Day-glow sweatshirt and short shorts in "wake me up before you go-go" with the feathered hair- bebopping the white man's dance- that was hot! Careless Whisper, I get horny just thinking about it! Then there was Faith- OH MY GOD! That ass!!! Those jeans! Every song on the album is great. I Want Your Sex- need I say more?

I wasn't a "poster" person in the 80's when all my friends had corny pictures on their walls of Rick Springfield, Michael Jackson, and all the hair bands, I was above it. However, in college, my dorm room had a life size poster of George Michael over my bed- I put aside my snobbiness to pay homage to his ass.

The album Listen Without Prejudice came out when I was in college, before his unfortunate escapades (that I don't hold against him!). It is genius! If you have time to listen to it- DO- you won't regret it! Every track is amazing, lyrically, vocally- I'm getting all worked up here!!!

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The Mom said...

Omg, I love George Michael too! I watched Eli Stone and was thrilled at the music each week! Gay or not, he's still pretty sexy!