Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where my girls at?

In college, I studied Communications (with an emphasis in Mass Media) because I have always had a deep love for all things unimportant, I mean, media- related. BK (before kids), I tried my hand at actually utilizing my degree and worked in local television and radio- HATED IT! (said melodically like "Men on Film" from In Living Color) The only thing that stuck and remains one of my guilty pleasures in life is Entertainment Weekly. I have subscribed for years and read it religiously cover to cover.

So, two weeks ago, when I recieved my "Special Double Issue Sex and the City Edition-63 pages of Sex"- I couldn't have been happier! Like most women (and gay men) that watched the show- LOVED IT! I have missed it thoroughly and couldn't wait to catch up with my old friends! I immediatey ran the magazine to the van and preserved my reading for quiet time in the parking lot at carpool pickup- so I could enjoy it without interuption. And enjoy it I did! I have been caught several times over the last week laughing aloud in my car all by myself while the respectable mothers beside me were reading their fancy books by Eckhardt Tolle, Nora Roberts, and Dean Koontz (ooh la la). All the while, I am reminiscing with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda about past relationships, escapades, and inappropriate sexual innuendo.

My anticipation of the upcoming movie is building like one of Samantha's multiple orgasms. How I missed the ridiculous cliches, double entendre, and sexual puns! So much so, that I pulled a mini-marathon and watched the 6th season yesterday. I sat with a perm-a-grin and goose bumps and was moved to tears 4 different times.

The emotion that the show evokes is astounding. Each of the characters has determination, turbulence, and vulnerability. They are realistically flawed and brutally honest. They each make mistakes and bad decisions and they depend on their friends to get them through- what's not to love? Me likey!

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Honeybell said...

love,Love LOVE this show! I never watched it on HBO, but have totally gotten into the reruns. I am eagerly anticipating the movie!

The Mom said...

Yeah Baby!! I just posted a few cocktail recipes for Friday's premiere party!!

I cannot WAIT!

C said...

I can't wait to see it either...I'm glad I'm not the only one out there "without a life!"


Ann said...

I'm the sap who is reading Eckhart Tolle but would rather be reading YOUR magazine!
(Well, actually I like the book. But I LOVE magazines!!!)