Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have 2 men in my life and they are cramping my style!

There is my husband and my 13 year old son. My husband is not a lovey dovey type. He doesn't do the romance thing and has been morphing into a grumpy old man since he's turned 40 (he's almost 44!)

My son is 13- really, need I say more? His grades suck, his attitude is even worse. His room is always a disaster. He doesn't listen, he talks back and argues with EVERYTHING!

I like to go to the gym every morning. Today I couldn't because my son has been throwing up since 2:30- seems the bug that went around here a few weeks ago had a longer incubation period than I had anticipated! I know I should be more sympathetic, but he's such a smart ass, it's hard! I went to his room to straighten it up and the homework that he told me he did, is sitting on his desk- untouched! The room that he told me he cleaned- is destroyed. I find 2 infractions (his school's disciplinary actions) on his floor that he didn't tell me about! hhhhh...Deep breath.

I was going through the silly e-mails that my sister sends me. My husband looked over my shoulder to see this cute little "guide" of what men should and shouldn't say. There was a list of things NOT to say and safe things to say and the best things to say. Ultimately the ultra safe thing was Here, have some wine. Cute, right? All my husband saw was the "dangerous" list of what NOT to say: What's for dinner?, Are you wearing that?, What are you so worked up about?, Should you be eating that?, What did you do all day?

He says what's that, I say those things to you all the time

Can I have a glass of wine, now?

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KathyLikesPink said...

OOOH I am SO understanding of this post! I am married to an engineer (read: not a romantic bone in his body) and have a 13 year old daughter. It's like living with Jekyl and Hyde. One moment she's calling me mommy and wants a hug, the next she's making me feel like the stupidest person who ever walked the earth!!!

Can I have some wine now, too????

Anonymous said...

Well, let me pull up a chair and we can all have wine together! My husband - romance, what is that? One rason we are where we are in life and my 12 year old son about to turn 13 - both drive me nuts! Not doing homework, talking back, making me feel like an idiot, on and on and on.

Time to open another bottle!

Ann said...

I believe any time you need some of "mommies-juice-box" you should have it!
Let's try to keep smiling and laughing, wine glass in hand.

The Mom said...

Another engineer's wife! Need I say more?

Can I pour you another glass? I'm already on my second!

Jocelyn said...

Hi, found you on the Mom Bloggers Club.

Visit me some time. I'm Jocelyn over there. :)

happyathome said...

Just happen to visit you through the Mom Bloggers Club. You must have it pretty well together after reading your profile! More power to you! Have an extra glass and more "me" time. Drop in to my blog some time.