Monday, May 26, 2008

Stick a Fork in Me- I'm Done

My palms are sweating and even though it's only 10:50AM, I could use a drink! No, it's not the kids- although, they're home from school for Memorial Day so, they're driving me nuts, but that's a give in.

I attempted to change the format, template, layout (whatever) of my blog page. The anxiety that I have when venturing into "unknown" territory such as this is overwhelming to me. But it's done and as remedial as it may look, I'll take it! I'm pleased as punch that you don't have to scroll down half the page anymore before you get to a post! And I have a "blogroll"- how cool is that? (Thanks Jen!)
So I must take a break now because my brain has been working too hard for a holiday!

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The Mom said...

Tena it looks fantastic, great job! I know the stress of it though, it took me hours and hours to finally figure mine out too!

*pouring you a drink* It's 5pm somewhere! Happy Monday!

Mrs4444 said...

It looks beautiful; very calming and warm. Nice job!! I can totally relate; I wanted to pull my hair out the last time I did this. I'm paying a professional next time (hopefully soon).

C said...

Oh, totally funny! I understand the anxiety--believe me! Don't worry though, you're doing just fine. :)


Dan Leone said...

Though I don't really know what it looked like before (as this is my first visit), I think it is a very nice layout now. As mrs4444 says, it is very calming and warm. Job well done, if a bit stressful.

Cafe Leone

LiteralDan said...

I agree the layout is nice, and very inviting. Not sure what it used to look like, but I see no reason to change this one. Nice job!