Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What time is it? Summer time!

Today is the day when I start demising my evil little plan of bribery, reward, and consequence as my children will be out of school for the summer starting at noon on Friday.

I do it every summer and every summer I am just as nieve and gullible with stars in my eyes thinking that this will be the summer! The summer the fighting ceases. The summer that they will entertain themselves. The summer that they will keep their room clean. The summer that I won't be a short order cook for 4 very picky eaters. The summer that they won't ask for for something every 2 minutes.

I always draw up a chart with each name. They get points for "good" things like cleaning up after themselves, playing nice, one year I even bought them math activity books (aren't I mean!) and they got points per pages completed. I don't know why I think my stupid little chart would change their behavior, but a woman's gotta have dreams, right?

In the years past, they are very excited at the launch- they try their best and make sure that I'm remembering to keep track. Unfortunately, they catch on to my alterior motive by about July and everything goes to hell!

This summer, I have, but one, true motive. We are a strict 8PM bedtime house, but my 3 year old has this odd habit of singing in her bed in the dark until about
10PM. Then she is awake at 6:30AM. By noon, fahgettaboutit! She NEEDS her naps!

So although, my chart will give my kids the impression of high expectations, I fully expect: my house to be a disaster, several punches thrown, some hair pulling, no sharing, the phrase "I hate you" screamed several hundred times, and more dramatic whining than you can shake a stick at. Little do they know, if Beebs gets her nap, I'm going to be a happy camper!

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Sue said...

OMG that is me exactly: I have rose-colored visions of us all having picnics in the shade and starting a summer book club where we all read on the hammock together. What is wrong with me? No doubt I'll be posting about the reality.

The Mom said...

This is SO me. We're good moms because we at least have great intentions right?

Honeybell said...

Aw, this is one aspect I really miss out on. Summer heralds the two older boys going halfway across the country for their yearly visit with their mom. With just the 6 yr old and the 2 year old things are going to be so quiet here!

Alice said...

Yeah - we start out strong too, but it all falls apart by July. *sigh* So much for my cool chore chart.

mom3crazygirls said...

have you been spending summers at my house? I have and continue to try the chart approach - always I cave and they win out! This year does not tease me at being an exception! That will not stop me from trying! I shall keep you in my thoughts as we too are done friday - though at 10:5o am instead of noon! Mya the mommy force be with you!

Ann said...

Let's make a pact to be here for each other while we grin-and-bare-it through our "Summer Break". (Break--- ha ha very funny)

Rebecca A.K.A. Mum said...

::SIGH:: that sounds like my house on an almost daily basis with the little kids (3.5 y/o twins and 2.5 y/o). lol
Thankfully my oldest boy goes to summer camp M-F 8am to 4ish and he is as happy as a bird, the other 3 will be here daily to torment their mother and raise some (un)holy hell.
Ahhh motherhood, such a joy sometimes! ROTFL

Mrs4444 said...

I love picturing your little girl singing like that; it's adorable.