Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another note from school

So I have rambled about what's "expected" from my kids' school before. Well, here I go again.

It's a Catholic school and yes, we choose to send our kids there and we choose to pay far too much money- that we cannot afford- to do so. It's a wierd thing. See, we used to live in a "city" where the public schools were horrible, so we chose the private school route (oh yeah, and we are Catholic). When we moved, we were well aware of the new school district being very good- not the reason we moved, but was something we considered. Our kids had already been through a few years in Catholic school and we kind of had this fear of "throwing them to the lions" if we put them in public school. I second guess that decision so much now, but they are too far in now and the transition 3 years ago was hard on them and now we're really stuck.

Anyway, the ramble continues... Last year an order of "sisters" took over our school. They are a lovely, pleasant, peaceful bunch of ladies, but they came in with their own set plan for our school and have been changing things accordingly.

First, and this is not a complaint, just an observance. They are VERY religious! This should go without saying, and I probably sound like a heathen for saying it, but it's true! The kids are expected to pray the Rosary and go to Adoration weekly, and they are taught extensively about Saints that I've never heard of! Not that this is a bad thing, it's just new to me. Clearly, I went to a second hand Catholic school all of my life!

Next, and this is a complaint, they have announced a change in the dress code. A uniform that has been in place for 75 years! A uniform that I have an abundant supply of- since I stocked up all sizes when we moved here. Now they have sent out a new note:

Wondering what to do with the old uniform and shirts? Consider donating them. Cross International will accept our yellow shirts and uniforms in all sizes and sleeve lengths. They will distribute them to needy children in third world countries. We will collect laundered yellow shirts and uniforms in the designated boxes in the school lobby and the parish center. They can also be donated at the Uniform Sale. Since shipping cost to Cross International can be several hundred dollars, we are asking for donations of money to defray these costs.

Yeah, that's right! We can donate them. Ok, I can handle that, but then they would like a friggin' donation for shipping- are you kidding me???? I must cool down before I get a first class ticket to hell for the things that are going through my head right now!

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Bad Momma said...

Hi Tena,
Popped by to check out the blog. Public school isn't that bad & I've found that kids are pretty resilient.

My 3 kids went to Montessori school for a few years before we switched to public. My older 2 were in 3rd & 4th grade when we made the switch & we left my youngest in an extra year so he could start 1st grade. We were pleasantly surprised at the relatively easy transition.

Private school can get expensive! My husband wants to put the boys back into private Catholic school for High School. We better start saving up!

Ann said...

Hi Tena!
I found you through Mom Bloggers Club. And I'm so glad! Good blog.
I completely agree with you about the uniform situation.
No "first class ticket to hell..." for you. Oh no.
Perhaps if you said that to the sisters faces, now THAT just might get you there.
I'll visit again!