Friday, May 9, 2008

Is it just me?

Ok, so I caught the Today show at the gym this morning and The Duggar family was on it. The kids were there to "surprise" their mom with gifts for Mother's Day. The parents pulled the ol' switcheroo on them and "surprised" the kids with news that they are expecting #18!!! Yep, that's 18 kids. I ask you this... at this point, is that really a surprise, really?!

I have seen their TLC shows and they seem to have their shit together and they would NEVER use the word shit, which is why I kind of think they are full of it! They claim they pay cash for everything! They have no bills. The family built this huge house with their own hands from the ground up. When asked what his career was- I thought the answer was a little shady. He mentioned insurance, real estate, and his attempt at a run for the senate! Huh?

Despite whether I think it's appropriate to have this many kids or not (not, but that's not the point)- something just doesn't sit right with these people to me. Is it just me?

Clown Car
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Sogeshirtsguy said...

Its not just you. That amount of kids is insane. Jeez they can play each other in football 11 on 11. Lmao at vagina its not a clown car

Joeprah said...

Wow, that is a bunch of kids. I don' know much about them so I will reserve judgment and just go with creepy for now.

Sue said...

LOL - No it's not just you -they've got that creepy polygamist, Don't-drink-the-Koolaid vibe.

Faerie Mom said...

I just sprayed coke all over my computer screen when I read the caption to that picture. OMG... too funny!

I am all for large families and choosing how many you have and minding our own business.... but 18 seems excessive (sp). And she is not too old. She may have even more! I don't care how good a mother you are, you CANNOT mother #18 the same way that you did #1 or #4 or #7. Hell, I can't mother #3 the same way I did #1! SOmething gives when you have that many.

Just my 2 cents.