Sunday, May 25, 2008

a bunch of random crap

Ok, so I don't have much, but a bunch of random crap (thus the title- clever, heh?) that happened this weekend and I'm not sure that I want to bore anyone with the details, but I'm afraid I will have to. So, I will drop some bullet points just to clear my crazy scattered head and then maybe I'll get back to writing something with actual content (am I giving myself too much credit?)

. The kids had two "dress down" days (without uniforms) at school this week. Holy crap, I never understood people whining about laundry until this weekend! The $7000 tuition is looking justifiable right about now.

. My rating at cre8buzz has been higher than ever since they changed the rating system. It's flattering and all, but I've felt a little wierded out by people that were complaining that they dropped- geez- I don't get it? I think I've gotten more traffic and that's cool. But I still don't have a damn clue what I'm doing- I just write. I see these people that have like "industries" and advertisers and shit and I wonder if I'm out of my league. Some of them are published "writers", dude, I'm just along for the ride!

. The man child's birthday went off without a hitch. We got him Mario Kart and stuff for his bike and I made a lemon cake (his fave) and had lunch at my moms- you care, I know!

. Reunion with the old neighbors for a football game went as well as could be expected considering I don't do football. It was uncomfortable getting together with folks you haven't seen for a year or two. It was nice to see how the kids have grown. Some bonds were still there, some, not so much- some conversations were more strained than others and that was sad. All in all, it was good to see them again. If you are confused about my neighbor thing-
might clear it up a little.

. The weather for this weekend here was predicted to be "gorgeous". Outside plans- all around -everyone was gearing up their boats and headed to the lake, we planned on some fun and sun at my mom's pool, we had the football game yesterday and I wanted to get some gardening in. It has been stormy- black skies, thunder, lightning, and sheets of rain since yesterday at 11:00AM. We got an hour in of football and then it turned to crap. One of the local meteorologist (and I use that term lightly) was heard apologizing for "dropping the ball" (my dad insists it's a conspiracy to get people to go to the area lakes to keep up revenue- claims it happens every Memorial day weekend- I hate conspiracy theories)- anyway, said meterologist was defending how it (his royal screw up) happened and I quote "it became a juicy and explosive atmosphere." Ya think?

. Gorged myself with way too much food this weekend: pizza, White Castles (never eat these since I hate them, but my husband loves them and it was his "birthday"), hot dogs, potato salad (the only salad I got close to this weekend), donuts, ice cream, and lemon cake- damn man child's birthday! Cue guilt and regret and oversized swimsuit cover-ups!

. Finally, if you are still reading, God bless you , you have quite an attention span! You may have noticed my caddy wompas stuff going on my blog? How there is a long time before the posts start. Does anyone know what the hell's going on or how I can fix it? I am completely retarded with this and I have let it go for too long and it's driving me crazy!

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The Mom said...

I wonder if it has to do with your background and the layout??

Have a happy Monday!

Mrs4444 said...

caddy wompas???

I'm totally feelin' you on the Buzz ranking thing. I'm very uncomfortable having the "1" ranking bestowed on me today; while I am thrilled on one level (I'm proud of my work and try to keep it fresh), I feel like an imposter!

Ann said...

Hey Tena!
Did I hear 'Lemon Cake'?
Is there a chance of a recipe share?
And about that make-up, it's not the Leeza Gibbons product. It came out before her stuff (which I'm sure is good too!)
Here's the link
We just got back from a weekend away and man could I go for a whole week!
Oh well... here comes reality.