Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This is an S.O.S

I've mentioned that Beebs, 3, has a boyfriend and his name is Nick Jonas. My 7 and 9yr olds love the Jonas Brothers, too, but Beebs is TOTALLY obsessed! The Jonas Brothers are a Disney tween band sensation for those of you that don't have pre-teen estrogen seeping out of your house.

She sings their songs all the time! She walks around holding the CD cover- always. Today, all day, she said that he was 'coming to pick me up and we were going on a date. We are going to play games, have a snack and then have a sleepover!' God help me!

Their concert tour will be here next week. I decided to do a little (half-assed) investigating (knowing full well that it would probably NOT be in the budget). How cute would it be, though, if she got to go see her 'boyfriend', right? If she went, though, the other 2 would want to go, and I wouldn't miss it for the world... so I look it up- 5 tickets (and I'm pretty sure my 13 year old boy would want to go too even though he would probably act like he didn't because that wouldn't be cool)- so 6 tickets. $33.75 per ticket to sit in THE GRASS! Are they freakin' nuts?

Last idea- go to Ebay...get carried away on clicking to NOT be outbid(that gets me everytime!) and then regret how high I went and hold my breath until I get this message a minute ago...

eBay sent this message to Tena XXXX.
Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more.

You have been outbid. Bid again now!

Hi Tena,
There's a new highest bid on this item, but there's still a chance to make it yours. Increase your bid to have a chance at winning.

2 Tickets Jonas Brothers & Avril Lavigne St Louis 7/22
Current price: $213.00
End time: Jul-13-08 11:34:21 PDT
Your maximum bid: $210.00
View Item | Go to My eBay | Win next time with Countdown

Don't let it get away!

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Ann said...

Go to Craigslist. (Or have you tried that already?)
I'm actually trying to sell extra tickets to The Police/Elvis Costello for this Friday and I'm beginning to panic.
(My husband is banned from drinking while visiting the "Coming Attractions" web page. As of tonight we are out $450 !!!)

Jill said...

$210 for only 2 tickets? Are you freakin' kidding me?

I love eBay too.. and I despise being outbid. This is one time I'd say it was smart you didn't re-bid. Holy cow.

Crazed Mom said...

Yo girl you almost totally blew that. $213 for 2 tickets to some teeny bopper concert...? Yikes.

Deb said...


Don't feel bad. I've gotten caught up in bidding stuff on Ebay as well. I would like to point out that you could spend that money towards a plane ticket to get the hell away from operation stay-cation. :)

Tiffany said...

E-bay is the devil! I swear people outbid you just to f@%k with your head. But at least your kids aren't in love with Hannah Montana, who is impossible to see in concert and is always sold out. Good luck!!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Whew...good luck on that...but I must say, it would definetly be worth the memories for your kids...just think when they get older and tell their kids how mom totally rocks and took them to see...can you see that conversation...SPLURGE...each mac and chees for a month...but I say go for it

Caroline said...

Have your kids watch Camp Rock (for the 40th time) and make them some popcorn---they'll be happy a clams and you just saved yourself a bundle of money!

C said...

OMG! I've done that before--for front row John Mayer tickets!! And they would've been waaaay more than those Jonas Brothers tickets...had I gotten them. Which thank the lord I didn't! Now if there were any touching of John Mayer involved, I might've been convinced...

Christy C

Kadi said...

Amen, Christy C. A freakin men. John Mayer would be worth it, especially since he would fall madly in olove with me and want to be my sugar daddy!
Jonas Bros...not so much. Too young.

Manic Mom said...

What are they smokin????

LiteralDan said...

You sound like the same kind of eBay user as me

The Mom said...

I saw the JB with Hannah Montana last fall...I TOTALLy crushed on them like my years as a Duran Duran fan. Nevermind I can be their MOM...but they are darling!

Sogeshirtsguy said...

lol the jonas brother will be the death of us all.

Mrs4444 said...

I am SO glad for you; you would kick yourself if you had paid that much.

Sue said...

So I glad I'm catching up on your "while I was on vaca" posts (still looking for my award....)

I AM GOING TO THE JO BROS!!!!!!!!! July 25th, baby. Hershey Park PA. Our household is in the throes of OJD (obsessive Jonas Disorder) . I will be blogging about the concert so stay tuned! (and God help me).