Monday, July 28, 2008

MY 100th POST Part 1

I can't believe I made it. I thought and thought of what clever shenanigans I could come up with to celebrate this auspicious occasion and fell flat. I have, however, been reading lots of '100 things' posts on different websites and I LOVE READING THEM! I'm only afraid that I've already told you too much, so I am really gonna try to dig on this one so be warned- you may be entering TMI zone... I'll start off slow...

1.) I am 35 years old will be 36 on September 26- take note. I am 5'4". I do not, however, weigh 100 lbs like my drivers license suggests. Sue me- I was 8- 9 months preggers the last 2 times I had it renewed and I SURE AS HELL wasn't going to put that weight on it! So I just kept it the way it was from when I was 16.
2.) I have an unusually large forehead- one that resembles that of a receding hairline, but it's been this way since I've had a hairline. I've never thought much of it until recently. Tyra Banks was defending her big forehead and how she had been made fun of for it, then I realized some people are probably a little freaked out by it- I guess it does kind of look Star Trekish. Then a few months ago, I was getting a haircut and (I HATE BANGS because I have a horrible cowlicks that cause bangs to look like a have the letter 'M' sitting on top of my head) the stylist says, "I'm gonna cut you some bangs because it will hide your really big forehead- you know you really have a big forehead!"- HONEST TO GOD! She said that to me! I have since been trying to grow out the bangs- thanks, you untactful bitch- in some cultures, a big forehead is considered a sign of beauty and intelligence- I don't know... but it could be!
3.) I don't dye my hair and have no greys (my 7 year younger sister has to dye her greys weekly-bwaahahaha!)
4.) My first job was at a TJ Maxx. I worked there from 16- 22!
5.) I lost my virginity at 15.
6.) I became pregnant at 22 by my best friend.
7.) My son's father lived in a different city and wasn't ready to grow up.
8.) I went through the entire pregnancy, labor, and his first 6 mos. by myself (with supportive, great friends).
9.) I met my husband when my son was 3 months old.
10.) My husband is 8 years older than me.
11.) My husband adopted my son when he was 5.
12.) I had a brother that died when he was 6 weeks old- I was 4.
13.) My mom was 16 when she had me.
14.) My dad is a recovering alcoholic.
15.) I am Catholic, but do occasionally struggle with that label as my faith because I sometimes find their 'beliefs' judgemental.
16.) I made straight 'A's in high school.
17.) I did not in college.
18.) If I never gained weight or didn't have a fear of #21, I could live off of donuts.
19.) My fav- Chocolate Long Johns
20.) I had gestational diabetes with all of my pregnancies and was insulin dependant.
21.) Am afraid I have it now, but afraid of finding out so I haven't gone back to the Dr. (no lectures- at least I stay away from the damn donuts)
22.) I LOVE MUSIC and was raised on it
23.) My first '45' record was Puppy Love by Donny Osmond.
24.) My first 'CD' when they came out was Milli Vanilli- SHUT UP!
25.) All time favorite CD is Listen Without Prejudice by George Michael
26.) I have an aunt and cousin that committed suicide.
27.) I used lots of drugs in college, but didn't really drink alcohol.
28.) I only had braces on my bottom teeth and I still wear my retainer and they still are screwed up!
29.) I was the lead in my school's high school musical my senior year.
30.) I have sang the National Anthem at Busch Stadium (St. Louis Cardinals)
31.) I graduated #6 out of my 179 graduating class... BUT...
32.) I never challenged myself academically- I was afraid of advanced classes!
33.) I was scouted by a modeling agency throughout high school, but my mom is a skeptic and would not let me have anything to do with it.
34.) I have had 2 cars stolen
35.) My husband was shot at (not hit) in front of our house once.
36.) My first car was a '82 Dodge Charger.
37.) The first car I bought was an '87 Toyota Celica.
38.) I desperately want to go back to work, but have no idea what to do and am scared shitless at the prospect.
39.) My sister got pregnant at 19 and I felt very guilty, like I was a bad influence.
40.) My sister was a waitress at Hooters and, again, I felt like I was a bad influence.
41.) My sister has a better relationship with my mom.
42.) I HATED my sister growing up and was very mean to her, but she is now my best friend.
43.) I have broken my ankle, wrist, and 4 fingers.
44.) I went to Catholic school throughout high school.
45.) I can still do flips off of a diving board.
46.) I used to sell Pampered Chef.
47.) I took organ lessons! My mom was an award winning accordion player and she made me!
48.) I used a fake I.D. from the time I was 18-21 (the same one)!
49.) I thought my OBGYN was hot and now my vet is hot! (I'm wed, not dead- I actually had a guy say that to me at the gym!)
50.) My mom's dad's mom- ya still with me? Was a full blooded American Indian.

Ok- PLEASE return tomorrow to find out more shit about me that you couldn't care less. And, drop some comment love and let me know you were here- it's my 100th post for crap's sake- throw me a bone!

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The Mom said...

Love it!! I forgot on my 100th and 200th to do anything cool...we'll see for the 300th.

LOL, we just watched Big Daddy with Adam Sandler and that reminded me of your sister being a waitress at Hooters!

The Mom said...

How did you put in the new comment majiggybob thing.

Drowsey Monkey said...

WOW. I love me and even I couldn't think of 100 things! LOL

I'm very impressed. And you sound like a wonderful person.

See you tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome 100th! I love that you put out the little things that no one would ever think to ask. BTW Milli Vanilli was my first CD too. I can't wait to read tomorrow's post!!!

Mrs4444 said...

#35 Was it you? Tee hee. Congrats on your 100th post, Tena :)

PiaG said...


congratulations!! keep it going - I'll be reading


Deb said...

Tena -

Congratulations! I think I am somewhere near my 100th post. If I stole this idea would you hate me forever?

Thanks for your honesty in your 50 things. Not only was it fun to read, but I also think it helps us see that we're all not as different as we think.

Love your blog, look forward to it everyday!

Deb said...

Guess what, I'm already at 106, so I won't steal your idea. :)

Myssie said...

Happy 100th post!! I love your honesty, we actually have ALOT in common! I mean, seriously, alot! Anyway, I can't wait until tomorrow to read the next 50.

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Yeah...happy 100th....I'm impressed you remember your first CD..but really Milly Vinily??? You totally crack me up!!

Rev. Lindsay said...

RE: Mean Salon People -

One of my best friends went in for a bikini wax and halfway through, the little Vietnamese lady looked up at her and said (now, imagine a heavy Vietnamese accent): "This take too long. You have two hair normal girl!" Why do salon people always zoom in on your most vulnerable spot? It's nuts. They're like trained assassins.

-Lindsay (Smart Ass Mom's little sister)

HappyHourSue said...

Love It!!!!! Dude, I remember being all emo listening to Puppy Love. (somebody help me- help me- help me, pleeeeeease....)

Also, I shall defend you: I thought the Milli Vanilli guys (I liked Fab) were hot AND talented.

Steph said...

very interesting! Catholic girls always have interesting histories (I'm one too!) what was the musical you had the lead in? I'm only at post #40 but I'm so stealing your idea when I get to 100!

Tiffany said...

I don't judge you because of your big forehead but I DO judge you because you like George Michaels. I too loved Milli Vanilli so who am I to talk? LOL And I loved this post. Good job!!

Cocotte said...

I love to read 100 Things. Looking forward to the second half. And can I just say, TJ Maxx rocks!

Neurotically Yours: said...

I love reading these....can't wait for the rest! Congrats on making it to 100 :)

C said...

Congrats on 100 posts--I love those lists...and DONNY OSMOND (I had the Donny & Marie dolls. Remember those?)..."And they called it puppy looove, but I guess they'll never know..."

Anonymous said...

holy confessions girl!! can't wait for tomorrow's read.

Manic Mom said...

Yeah 100 posts!!! Very interesting stuff. I love George, I don't care what anyone says. I can show you love for the Milli Vanilli thing, but the not having gray hair is going to cost you some points!!!! LOL

amelia bedelia said...

happy 100th post!! im a very nosey person, so this post was super cool. i will be back tomorrow!! now i have "and they called it puppy love,a but i guess they'll never know...." stuck in my head. thanks alot.

Bee Repartee said...

Now I know we will be best friends. You had me at Milli Vanilli.

Honeybell said...

You and I are similar in a lot of ways, I too drug my big ass forehead to Catholic School where I didn't do anything but still got A's!

Sully Sullivan said...

Wow I feel like we've been BFF forever. Like totally.

A lot of interesting stuff in there.

See I could never do a 100th post like this one because it would be far too boring. I've never been arrested or done chemical drugs. (Weed and shrooms don't count). I've never been pregnant or worked at Hooters. I have never purchased a car, and so on and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Go you!! Well done for doing 100 posts of honest and bloody funny writing. Your first 50 was really interesting and I'll definitely be back for the next 50.

Alice said...

Great post - very revealing. Brave woman.

Congrats on your achievements!

scarletvirago said...

Ask and ye shall receive, with the comments! This seems like a much scarier post to attempt than my "15 years in a nutshell". Good for you! I have a big forehead, too. More like a five- or six-head. It's like a beacon; I could drive in ships with it. But I can't be bothered with bangs, either.

Sogeshirtsguy said...

Wow you've done quite a lot Tena. That's so impressive that you sang the National anthem at a major league baseball game. I can't believe that hairstylist said that too you. If that bitch didn't have the scissors she would have got torn up.

Joani said...

Blame it on the rain that was falling, falling.
Ok you pulled me out of lurking, which takes alot to do. I usually find good things to read and do just that. I know it is annoying to see people pop up from random cities and have no comments, and in honor of your 100th post...CHEERS.

Lipstick said...

Happy 100th! Great post-I really enjoyed reading all about you!

jill jill bo bill said...

OOO! I Love the fact you made 1001 I am so proud for you. We have 8 things in common and when I steal your idea for mine, I will let you know what they are. But, I probably won't remember since I am only at 16.

#3,5,22,29,32,are exact; #31-19th out of 222,#49-my dentist, #50-my dad's dad's mom

Sorry, couldn't wait!!! Can't wait til the next 50!

Chelle said...

Love your list! Milli Vanilli were (are?) awesome! My first cd was Vanilla Ice. Go figure.
Happy POW!

Carol said...

The big 100! Congratulations.

Sounds like you have had a busy life so far. So jealous of the grey, at 32 I think I may have to take action soon and put the tweezers down.