Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My 100th Post- Part Deux

OK, if you have returned, thanks! I'm so amazed glad that my dysfunction and glaringly huge forehead hasn't scared you off...In the words of Casey Kasem (after he did the long distance dedication)... now back to our countdown...

51.) I interned at a radio station and a television station in college. I remember the promotions manager for one of our stations being 'let go' because the station was changing formats. She was a fairly young single mom and said it was the third time she was being fired for format changes. That was when I decided that I had picked the wrong major and was screwed didn't want to work in the industry.
52.) I don't like pizza- much like the dog thing- people think I have a third arm or something!
53.) My husband and I have a bit of a rocky relationship at times. Our love for food and laughter (sometimes at others' expense) is our saving grace. Ultimately, we are becoming fat and mean together.
54.) I have a very bad family history of heart disease: dad had his first heart attack at 32, his dad died at 45, my mom's dad died at 36, my mom and dad's mom died in their 60's, and my brother- all from heart attacks or related heart issues.
55.) My second daughter had HORRIBLE colic for her first year- doctors thought she may have a neurological problem.
56.) I have a small skull- I know small skull, big forehead- freak! When I was a baby, I had a number of cat scans to see if my brain had room to develop and grow- you be the judge?
57.) After being dumped a bad breakup in college, I was under 'observation' in a mental hospital, but just for a day. I think it was culmination of all things in my life that just boiled up at that point.
58.) I don't love showering and hate baths, so , I guess I'm dirty- no, not really. I do prefer just to wash my hair in the sink, put on deodorant and change my under garments- I don't stink, I swear I don't!
59.) I have really good direction and don't get lost and if I do I won't admit it and won't stop for directions under any condition.
60.) My mom almost died when I was 3 days old. The hospital didn't deliver the placenta and she hemorrhaged- no shit!
61.) I played soccer for about 15 minutes before I broke my wrist - then never again.
62.) I'm a girly girl, but I'm pretty tough.
63.) I was voted 'most mature' in my 8th grade class- WTF, that's the best I could do? LAME!
64.) No one can tell my sister and me apart on the phone.
65.) When I went into labor with my son, it was a Thursday and I waited to leave until 'Must see TV' ended!
66.) I wasn't baptized until I was in 2nd grade.
67.) My grandma was a Wesleyan Sunday School teacher and that was the only church I went to on Sundays until I was an adult- even though I went to Catholic school.
68.) Growing up, my neighbor was a single mom with 2 girls and belonged to a group called PWP- Parents Without Partners. They did fun shit ALL the time, I loved when they invited me to join! When I was 10, my mom sat me down and told me that she and my dad were getting divorced. I was excited and the first thing I thought was can we join PWP?
69.) I have always had passion for design- it used to be fashion, but since I've been a homeowner, it's home fashions.
70.) I can't draw- not a bit!
71.) I was fired from a job once. It was a lot that sold campers & motor homes and I wanted to cry every second of the 6 months I worked there, I never did anything wrong, I just hated it- that was one time I think divine intervention stepped in- because I had just been hired at a really good job that I ended up loving!
72.) My son went to a babysitter for his first 3 years who did not speak English- only Spanish. She was a friend of the family and my broken Spanish skills were tested!
73.) I am a people watcher and I don't like "show-offs".
74.) I am very insecure.
75.) I could listen to Elton John, Van Morrison, Steely Dan, and/ or Old Chicago and nothing else for the rest of my life and be perfectly satisfied- they all soothe me and take me away.
76.) I am a perfectionist and am often letting myself down.
77.) I love every reality show on Bravo.
78.) I love to paint- like walls and artistic stuff on walls.
79.) I recently applied and had an interview for a job at Starbucks for extra cash and then saw the same location on the list of stores closing- shit!
80.) Perfume smells weird on me.
81.) I have a chemical imbalance that makes watch batteries go dead on my wrist.
82.) I floss twice a day, at least.
83.) When I get manicures, I do clear nail polish because it chips within SECONDS!
84.) I can eat A LOT and I was so skinny in high school and college that my friends often snuck into the bathroom- they thought I was bulimic- nope- never- because #85
85.) I HATE throwing up- it's totally disgusting- not even worth being skinny!
86.) I wear contacts and need them! I am afraid of lasek and ,frankly, not too bothered with my contacts.
87.) I do not use birth control. Nothing, nada, nilch. We like to live on the edge. I really do not have a good excuse for this. I've been meaning to get to my hot OBGYN to get one of those 5 year doozies, just have been too busy blogging. My husband feels he's too old (and he's right, the old fuddy duddy), but it wouldn't be the end of the world.
88.) I have an awesome memory- a steel trap- nothing ever leaves. I remember details, names, and faces. I sometimes pretend not to remember things or people so I don't come off as a total geek that has no life.
89.) I clip coupons, but rarely remember to use them.
90.) I consider myself a good judge of character.
91.) I like to play poker.
92.) I have a dirty mind.
93.) I get along with guys very well- maybe because of #91 &92!
94.) I resemble my dad (just what every young girl wants to hear growing up- that she looks like her bulbous nosed, grey haired, mustached, beer bellied dad). My sister looks like my mom and they are both gorgeous and can't gain weight! Bitter, a little. Jealous, a lot!
95.) I know A LOT about baseball. I have followed it all of my life and was taught the ins and outs by my dad. I like to follow the stats.
96.) I am very sound and smell sensitive. I can smell everything and I hate loud noises.
97.) I shared a room with my sister and was so sick of her, made a closet my room- for about a year.
98.) Christmas is my favorite holiday- I love Christmas music and we listen to it from Oct- Dec 25- WHEN IT'S OVER IT'S OVER, though.
99.) If I could do nothing else before leaving the house, I would do my eyebrows (pluck, shape, and shade).
100.) When I am at a weight that I'm happy with, I am very uninhibited in the bed! I used to be skinny and, frankly, I was a little slutty.

Thought I'd end on one that really sent you running!
Thanks for reading. It was a fun challenge to think of 100 things about myself that I hadn't already rambled into the ground on this blog.

Thanks for all your comments and going through me on this whole blogging journey! I feel blessed to have such an outlet for creativity, humor, and anecdotes and sometimes lack thereof. This blog has provided me with so much more than I expected and that has a lot to do with you all reading and keeping me honest- no shortage of that! I hope to keep building relationships with those of you who comment or continue providing a freak show for those of you who lurk.

This is pretty much the equivalent of streaking through each of your front yards. When you comment it feels like an affirmation, like, hey, you didn't look that bad. So thanks for not pointing and laughing!

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Ann said...

Tena, I have so much in common with you! I started to list things, but it just became too much.
Don't worry about TMI. This is your space. TMI-away my friend!
Happy 100th (or 101st) post!!! ;-> !!!

Me said...

#97 - I DID THAT, TOO! God, I hated sharing a room. And I couldn't stand my sister. We had a closet under the eaves and I made the shelf into my bed. Hot summer nights were nasty, but it was SO worth it to have my own space.

Mrs4444 said...

This was fun. Your sister/closet memory cracked me up, because I did the same thing! ONly mine just lasted a few days, because it was the smallest closet ever, and climbing up to sit on the shelf above all the hangers was really a pain. haha. Thanks for the memories...

Deb said...

Tena - So fun to read, so refreshingly honest. My experience sharing a room with my sister was so bad my parents had to put an addition on the house. I swear. It was horrible.

Oh yes, and I have a dirty mind. Great minds think alike, no?uwit

Deb said...

ok, that uwit was the word verification. No idea how that got on there. Sorry.

Terri said...

#54 - ouch! you'd better watch it. I'm taking you up on your offer by the way - to keep me accountable about my weight goals! :o)
#70 - me neither and I've always hated that about myself!
#77 & 85, 89, 90 & 91 - me too!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

oK...Just more proof we MUST be related...I have a small head and big forehead...althought I was not tested...the Ped did test my son...and when my dd was born...she realized that I was right...we just have small heads.

Oh but I love to shower...and can't remember shit...

Loved the list...I'll do one when I hit 100 and it will be soooo boring!! LOL.

Phil said...

you are a hell of a lot braver than I am. Though I do a 100 list just by writing about the crap that goes bump in the recesses of my cranium.


Colleen said...

Hi there!
Thanks for your comments on cre8buzz - my browser @ work won't let me leave comments on certain profiles, or I'd comment back there!

Glad you liked my 100 things, and have read through most of yours. LOVED #oh, geez - should have written it down - the one where you said you waiting to go to the hospital when you were in labor because you wanted to wait until Must See TV was over - oh, geez - you had me laughing out LOUD!!!

Tena said...

I enjoyed your list so much, and am suprised that we have a few things in common. I hate throwing up, I could never have an eating disorder soley for this reason, I am a grown women and I still cry when it happens. And there are days when a dip in the sink for my hair is as good as it gets!
Here's to many more blog entries!! CHEERS!!

Neurotically Yours: said...

I thought I saw you run by my window ;)

Thanks for sharing!

I am loving blogging, too. My Mom doesn't quite get it but she said this to me the other day: "If it makes you happy then keep doing it!" - words to live by!!

Our Crooked Tree said...

I too am a perfectionist that is always letting myself down. Funny story, I am compiling my 100 things and thought of the Kasem quote too. Great minds as they say...

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I found myself saying me too on quite a few of these...especially the last one.
I enjoyed reading, Thanks.

Darrin said...

OHHHHHH SOOOO Entertaining to read!! Very nice! Not a pizza fan huh? Well.. that's probably a good thing with the history of heart disease. Heck... pizza may very well be the death of me!!

amelia bedelia said...

oh my gosh, that was cracking me up!!!

Hey, Sister BoErin finally got a blog, go give her some love. www.steppedinwhat.blogspot.com or your can link from my page!!

jill jill bo bill said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE you! I won't bore you with more specific in-common number listings, but there are LOTS!!! Loved the one about the steel trap mind and the next one forgetting your coupons!

And aren't all skinny girls sluts? You become a HO when you plump up. At least in my world.

C said...

Not look that bad? You are gorgeous! On the inside and out. I loved your list--totally fun (and found myself saying "me too" more than 1/2 the time.

Glad you're hear in the blogoshere. :)

scarletvirago said...

I could never do that "no birth control" thing. If I'm not on something, I get pregnant if the guy hangs his pants on the end of the bed.

Jo said...

Thanks for the list and the insight. It is fun getting to know you. We have a lot in common. Especially the weird chemical imbalance thing as it pertains to watch batteries. I haven't worn one in years because they just quit working on me. Congrats on 100+ posts!!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know...

Here's my 100 things...


As for the Thursday thing... Our first was born on Thursday too... and she waited until it was over too!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

I loved your list.

I would so be a slutty ho if I was skinny too. If my Hubby reads this and I start looking like Nicole Ritchie just know that he is slipping me some diet pills because I DESPISE THROWING UP and could never have a eating disorder.

I have a dirty mind too :)

Great List!!

Chelle said...

I caught myself nodding in agreement on some-okay, a lot of your list. I love your blog, btw!