Friday, November 14, 2008


So, I have officially entered into the next phases of "nervous breakdown" because we have been DENIED the better plan of insurance that we inadvertently did not sign up for. Essentially, it turns out, that my husband is to blame- SURPRISE!

Their argument is that the letter (the unclear one that I received in the mail) was followed up by an in- work e-mail CLARIFYING that the new paperwork MUST be filled out to be in the higher plan. I, not being aware of the in house e-mail that circulated around his work, did not get the memo. They closed the book on us and that's it! Heartless mother fuckers!

I could bash my husband and rip him a new asshole and rant and rave about his illiterate ass not picking up on this memo, but I don't have the energy. Oddly enough, for once in my life, I don't give a shit that it's totally his fault or WHO'S to blame! I have cried so much that I hyperventilated which is never a good sign of my impending sanity.

I am so fearful of these bills rolling in- at least, they'll be in good company.

I shouldn't , but I have sat down and figured that we have paid roundabouts of $86,000 in premiums for this insurance in the last 12 years. The day that we were placed into the lower plan- my husband's big fat stupid ass was put in the hospital for 6 days and a surgery. $86,000 has meant nothing to their bullshit "deductible" policy.

I know I'm not the only one with problems like these. Sure, it helps to hear others' stories- misery likes company- misery especially like to hear about people in worse situations or that overcame a hurdle like this.

Bitter? Damn right, I'm bitter. Emotionally unstable? You bet your ass! Clueless of what to do next? Absolutely.

Oh, I know, why don't I throw a High School Musical Party for my daughter- yeah, this will be fun!

UPDATE: this was written literally in the tearful hours after 'the news'. Sorry for the downer! It's now Saturday morning and I have a hangover headache (who knew crying would do that), but I have a slightly better outlook. Here's why...

First, I thought I was going crazy (I know what you're thinking- I know, I'm crazy, but still somewhat functional, but I really thought white coats should be called in!) It's just money- lots and lots of money that we owe, but we're all healthy- thank God- because we can't afford to NOT be, at this point- but it's just money! Lo and behold this morning, my Aunt Florence makes a visit! She convinced me that I am not going crazy and just received such crummy news when it was not hormonally appropriate!

Second- and this is a biggie, MY HUSBAND HAS GONE BACK TO WORK!!! If you recall, this summer, his 15 day staycation about put me in a grave! Although this one was not as planned out and we were busy, vacation, Halloween, hospital, yada, yada, yada- today is his first day back to work in ...drum roll please... 30 DAYS! He was out of work for 30 days. I was co-existing with him for 30 days!

Do you ever watch the show 30Days? Morgan Spurlock(Supersize Me)experiments different lifestyles for 30 days- walk in another man's shoes- 'out of your comfort zone' kind of thing-Living on minimum wage, living on an Indian Reservation, living as a coal miner, co-existing with Tena's husband... He should have been filming at my house!

Lastly, but definitely not least, I got a comment from Paige from Malfunction Junction. As I try and do always, I went to visit her and read her blog. She has an award for me on there! I feel like such a doofus, but a very grateful doofus!

You have no idea how much that meant to me- Thank you! I will now pass it on to a few that have been my stand in shrinks...

Annie at Cookies, Chaos and Conversations- you know I love you! You also mentioned that you haven't stopped crying all week. Don't know why, but maybe you had a relative visit, if it's something else- I'm here for you!

Jill Jill Bo Bill- You knew I was on the deep end and you get me- which doesn't speak volumes for your sanity, but it does make you a good friend!

Sabrae at It's Just the Everyday Humdrum that People Make it out to Be- She's got a life that could be made into a soap opera and I dig that. She's also a lesbian and my husband thinks I am one since I enjoy watching the "L Word" and everything on Bravo so having her as good blogger buddy totally freaks him out and I love that!

Now bring on the party (The High School Musical Party!)

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Jen said...

First of all, that totally SUCKS about the insurance. I'm really sorry!

I can totally relate to the pms and the husband being home stuff. I was so excited when I found out my husband had 30 days to use or lose before the end of the year. Well, I must have been smoking crack because now that he has been home, I'm not really celebrating anymore.

jaime said...

hmmmm. i'm glad you are doing better...your mind frame is correct in the fact that you can only do what you can, and the insurance companies can go F themselves now. easier said than done, but that is WHY you have this blog- to vent about it!

the weekend is sometimes too much w/ my hubby and that's 2 days! lol! so i hear ya on that one too....have a good weekend!

KimandCo said...

Insurance companies are the pits. I'm always afraid something like this will happen due to my husband not paying attention to the IMPORTANT details! You have my permission to kick your husband's ass.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Only ONE denial and you're throwing in the towel? Girl, didn't being a kid teach you anything? Pester the crap outta them. Hire a professional pester-er. Seriously, the first answer is ALWAYS "no" AND an email clarification may LEGALLY not be might want to consider a "free consultation" with Dewey Cheatum & Howe....or some real lawyers.

Deb said...

okay, this all makes much more sense to me now. no friggin wonder you are a walking, talking, crying disaster. my husband home for a WEEK sends me into a major depression.

hang in there with the insurance. if you need any tips or tricks for stalling on the bills, let me know.

Twisted Lisa said...

Seriously, when the bill comes in from the hospital, tell them some sob story about how many kids you have, the economy, blah blah, whatever you can come up with. Tell them you can't afford it and is there SOMETHING that can be done about what you owe.

If that doesn't work, tell them that you and Twisted Lisa will be hitting the Talkshow Circuits about how she can get a $40,000 sugery for $3000 just because Blue Cross said that was all they were going to pay!

Eudea-Mamia said...

I know the High School Musical Party will make your daughter happy!

Honey, I'm trying, I'm trying. Hang in there.

Yeah, your hasband went back to work!!!

See, looking for that good news, blam, I found some.


WV word: cryll - sad, yet ironic.

Sabrae said...

I love having you as a blogger buddy to! And I tend to freak husbands out when they know I am a lesbian! LOL! It's fun to watch them squirm when they think I am "after" thier wives. And yes a lot of men think that way about me! LOL! I am addicted to your blog and it makes my day to read it! Funny thing is my life for the past year has been pretty drama free til this thing with the soon to be ex hubby rolled around. I can't believe he was actually stupid enough to get someone else pregnant! OMG! I am just GLAD that it's not me and I walked away from that!!!

Jill said...

Insurance companies suck!!! I can entirely relate... though on a slightly smaller scare. We're still awaiting our appeal on our a large claim from my summer fertility surgeries. When I spoke with the insurance company BEFORE the first CONSULTATION, they told me that any and everything up to IVF is paid for at 100%...

So why the hell have I forked out of pocket over $2000... on top of my already paid deductible and co-pays!!!

I had to pay it upfront because we were leaving the country, but we appealed in a heated letter when we got to India. I'm waiting to hear if I get the money back...

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Heck...I just about puked when I had to have $1500 of dental work to pay for...and that was AFTER my insurace paid their measly part.

Annie said...

I'm sorry about the billage. That sucks royally. Thanks for the award! :) I'm coming back to the life of the living so I'll get it up! I have stopped crying for the moment- my 37 year old cousin died unexpectedly during outpatient surgery= the drugs went into the blood instead of the muscle. Freak error. Anyway, I'm ready to quit having that crying headache as well.
Ironically, my word verification is nomenses. Oddly enough, my period stopped today. How intuitive is word verify!?!?!

The Daily Blonde said...

I'd just camp out on the doorstep of the person who DENIED you. Just sit there and cry with all your kids...huddled up with NO food. Have the kids whine and cry...better yet, play HS Musical music nonstop.

Things will get deserve it.

Soxy Deb said...

I'm so sorry that things did not work out with the Insurance Company. But you know what, your right. It's not what's important. At all. Make a payment arrangement with them and go forward.

Have fun with the HSM party!!

C said...

OMG--I'm so sorry! I've been out of town so I missed all this. Urgh...I know what a scary thing the whole insurance thing can be...I'll be sending my best to you! At least maybe the HSM party will take your mind off of the crap for a while??

DJane said...

I have been away for a while from the blogosphere. Sorry I missed your insurance saga. That really sucks!

Missed reading your blog like crazy.

BTW still haven't received address to send prize won during vacation.

Mrs4444 said...

This has one of my favorite posts of yours, Tena; your vulnerability and the relatability of this post touched me. That SUCKS!!! I wish I could help. Glad (for his sake, as well as yours) that your husband is back to work! :)

P.S. Those crying hangovers SUCK!!