Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It just keeps getting better!

My insurance hell has not yet been resolved. I am taking all of the advice and thank you! I am pretty good at being a bitch and not letting up, but apparently, so is my husband's Human Resources Department- may the best bitch win!

In advance, sorry this is a total bitch session. My daughter's birthday snuck up on me with everything going on I had to get my ass moving on a a party for her because she's one of my kids that doesn't talk back to me on an hourly basis- thus making her a priority.

We decided on a High School Musical Theme- I know- you're probably gagging, but hey, she's turning 8! This week is chock full of meetings, appointments, and obligations, so this morning is all I had to pull my shit together enough to get EVERYTHING I need to have the party.

I walked through the party store and it was relatively painless. $42 worth of party supplies- paper goods, treat bags, decorations- I was satisfied with my purchase. As I walk out , I see a large sign in the window that reads "FRIENDS AND FAMILY EVENT NOV 9- NOV 15- GET COUPON ONLINE FOR 30% off ENTIRE PURCHASE" WTF? So now my crazy ass is thinking that it's worth it to go home and print up the damn coupon and re-purchase the stuff for my $12 difference in savings.

I call my sister- just to vent- and gloat a little about my potential savings- her cheap ass would certainly appreciate my journey for a few extra bucks. I tell her about the sign and as I say the date on the sign out loud- it occurs to me NOV 9- Sweet Jesus on a waffle cone! Our anniversary! We missed our fucking anniversary! NOV 9th was our 12 year anniversary and not until I was screwed by the party store did it dawn on me that we both completely missed it.

We usually don't really make a big deal out of it, but I can almost always "use" it as a day to get what I want or to throw some guilt around, another missed opportunity, damn it!

On with the bitching... so to kill a little more time- like I had it to kill- I walk through Toys 'R' Us- just to take a gander if they had anything that was perfect- couldn't live without it- for a HSM party. As I wandered, I saw people, lots of people, walking with shopping carts, VERY FULL shopping carts. I overheard conversations ( yes, at this point, I am not thinking 8 yr old HSM party- I'm thinking - what are all these people buying?)

I'll tell you what they were saying... they were saying: our Christmas shopping is done. I'm so glad I got all of this out of the way. Now, all I have to do is wrap. I got such good deals since I shopped early. That stupid bitch Tena really has a LOT to get done and what was she thinking having a kid so close to the Thanksgiving/Christmas madness? Didn't she know that she wouldn't have time to throw birthday parties?

Ok, so maybe those last two were all in my mind- but the others- they were saying and I gotta tell ya! Now, I'm really going to lose it. I'm usually an early shopper and wrapper. I am the one who mocks the fools that are in the store getting birthday party supplies in the middle of November. The same people that haven't even give a THOUGHT to what to do for Christmas and now that's ME!

So, excuse me while I go online and through the 400 catalogs I have piled up on my hearth to hunt for sales of the century and try to make myself feel better.

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Eudea-Mamia said...

"Sweet Jesus on a waffle cone" - yum, I've tried that. Ben and Jerry's new flavor, right?

And seriously, the people who have all their Christmas shopping done now are no FUN!! These are the people you wouldn't want to hang around, so why do you care they've got shit together? Boring.

Everyone knows the best deals and the most fun are to be found right before the Holiday, preferably Christmas Eve. Especially this year - the DEALS haven't even started. Seriously on that point.

Sorry about your anniversary. If it makes you feel any better, hubby and I weren't dealing with major surgery, insurance issues and a child's birthday when we practically forgot our 12th back in April. Just means you show your love every day - who needs just one?!


Soxy Deb said...

"Sweet Jesus on a waffle cone"

Do they have that at TCBY? Sounds delish!!

jill jill bo bill said...

That is so funny y'all both forgot!!! I would so milk it, act like you have remained quiet all this time because you are waiting for the big suprise.

Dads(2) said...

GIRL, I love the way you think! Good luck on the HSM party--sounds rocking!

Tiffany said...

LOL Sorry to laugh but you know you would TOTALLY laugh at me if this happened. Like you told me one time "Quit being such a pussy". LMAO

Aubrey said...

Ah shit! I wish I had something witty to say, maybe make you laugh. And not the "i'm gonna go crazy" kind of laugh either!
Hang in there lady!

Deb said...

i think i am going to plant a tree in everyone's name (except my own kids. i will spoil them) this year and frickin DARE them to complain about it.

jaime said...

i rarely do my Christmas shopping in November...when i worked and actually got a bonus check for the holiday, i would do ALL of it the week before...usually in one or 2 days. madness, yes. this year, us po folks are only getting for the kids, and i only have one. WHEW. Sorry you missed ur anny!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said... are me...really.

Legal Diva said...

If it makes you feel any better, my dumb ass had twin girls on December 2. WTF was I thinking? And they will be 8 in a few weeks and I hadn't even thought of my upcoming party ordeal until you mentioned it.

Oh, and I've had sweet Jesus on a waffle cone before... its yummy.

Tena said...

man the things that come out of your mouth... classic!!!
Maybe all those people who said they were done Xmas shopping only have one kid??? Let's run with that

Jill said...

Ugh... what a shitty week you've had. I do hope your insurance thing gets figured out.

And Christmas shopping already? We haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet. Yikes - I'll never get my stuff done!

Brittany said...

I am sending such good vibes right now! And I may have started Christmas Shopping, but it's only because I am a giant loser:)

Heinous said...

I would be in some seriously deep shit if I missed my anniversary. I cringe to even think about it.