Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday Fragments

Yet, another installment of my favorite blog tradition- Friday Fragments... don't know what to write? Have too many things to say that don't have anything to do with each other? Join us in random thoughts with Mrs.4444 at Half-Past Kissing Time (I'm not bragging, but I'm kind of a professional at "random" except I don't get paid, so I guess I'm technically an amateur, but I'm really good at it!)

*** I have been a shopping fool this week. I needed to take advantage of my last few days of peace sans kids and husband. My husband's schedule rotates (he is now on 7am-3pm). Next week he will be working 3pm-11pm- which means he's around all day- lucky gal, eh??? So today is my last day before Christmas to get some peaceful shopping without him cramping my style. You may be asking, what about Beebs, your 3 year old daughter? No, I do not lock her in a closet or leave her in the car. She is my perfect shopping companion- usually. She has picked out every single one of her gifts for Christmas (and she has even tried on the clothes and shoes!)- she has held them for me as we walk through stores. I'm hoping she's not ready to put 2 and 2 together come Christmas morning when "Santa" has brought her these items or the jig is up!

*** While in the stores, I was the one that was coughing and hacking up a phlegmy lung. The unkempt woman in sweats that should have been in bed and had no business in a store, just in case you were wondering- yeah, sorry, that was me.

***The following are some wise words from Beebs my shopping companion...

***Beebs is 3 and MUST use EVERY public restroom known to mankind. This symbol is very familiar to her for that reason. When she sees this symbol while walking into Marshall's Automatic Door Entrance she says, "Mom, look- it has a toilet on it."

(notice the number over the doors)
***This is one of the local malls and the one we went to this week. We saw Santa there. Last night Beebs proudly announced that she knows where Santa lives. I fully expected to be proud of her "North Pole" answer. I was wrong. He lives in the #2.

***Happy Twilight movie release day to you Twilight freakos out there! And I mean that in the nicest possible way 'cuz I'm scared of you all and your vampire lovin', teenage girl swoonin', crazy brainwash cult friends out there! Since I'm not a reader, I've not been in on the secret... but I must admit, I am very curious of what the hell is so special about it... so I will have to watch the movie (when it comes to DVD, of course.)

*** HALF DAY ALERT! My kids get out of school in 1 hour, I feel like I just dropped them off! What mom LIKES half days? I must say, last night I found the silver lining... I didn't have to make lunches- that has become a dreaded chore of mine. Unfortunately , I will have to feed them when they get home, still... damn!

***I received a comment the other day from someone that said she would like me to be a part of her blog- the world's first blog to film competition. Since she didn't mention anything about penis enlargement (which I don't need)- I thought I'd go check it out even though I'm a total cynic. Still not quite sure what's up with it, but from what I've read, it sounds cool.

Blog4Reel is the first-ever competition giving bloggers the chance to have their
blogs turned into actual movies, not to mention the chance at winning $2000. We
want the realness here. You are welcome to write specifically for the
competition, link your existing blog to our competition, or join just to vote on
your favorite blog (could be your own)! It is that easy. Real life to Reel life.

Now, I ain't gonna lie... I've been a little disappointed when I see everyone being nominated for "coolest blogger of the best blog" or asked to be a "contributor" to a blog that someone takes seriously. Honestly, though, I get it. I could never compete. Have I mentioned I'm not greatly confident? BUT, when I read that

we want to keep it real. Real passions. Real tribulations. Real life. We want to know what’s going on in the lives of real people. Your life!
Wow, that, I think I can do. I already do. Nowhere did they mention that it has to be good or even consistently entertaining! Seriously, though, my lack of filter about my life and details . So, If you think I fit this criteria or just want to humor me or feel sorry for me- whatever- go vote for me! I put a button on the top left corner, too since you can vote once a day!!! I'm not sure if it's working- I'm sure you'll let me know!

Click to give BLOG4REEL vote!

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Deb said...

will you remember all of us little people when you become rich and famous?

yes, you still have to feed them lunch, but you sure as hell can't pack a bowl of cereal in their lunchboxes.

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

crackin' up that Beebs thinks the handicap sign means they have a toilet and that Santa lives in #2.

I am so over packing lunches! Ugh

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Are they planning to use blogs as scripts? This should be reeeeally interesting!

When you're rich and famous the nanny can do the lunch-packing. Yay.

Dorsey said...

HILARIOUS! Santa lives in #2 and Handicap signs mean toilets!!

Good luck with the shopping,

btw...I tagged you with the Motherload of all Meme's!! If you want, check it out and do so here to other...if not, no biggie.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I am a mom and LOVE a half day...but that is because I am also a teacher. ;-D

I will totally go and vote for you right now! GOOD LUCK!

Tiffany said...

Guess where I'm going in 3 hours and 38 minutes? Yep to see my lover in Twilight. YAY!!!

And if your blog becomes famous and makes a movie, please put my lover in it so I can come meet him and lick him up. I mean get a picture with him. K?

Denise said...

Beebs is so funny....I love shopping with little ones since they are clueless that the stuff might be for them.

And I gotta throw this out there.....I am so sure that the movie will not live up to the book. So if you really want to know what all the fuss is about grab a copy and enjoy. Wow...I guess we are like a I am trying to recruit a new member. Sorry about that, lol

jaime said...

half days are the excuse I need to not get a job once my son goes to school! lol!! well, my plan to pop out a kid every 4 years can certainly work too...but...that can only work so many times! lol! i'm soooo kiddin!

have a good weekend Tena. i'll be sure to vote!

Hollerer said...

You never disappoint with your FF, Tina :) And every time I come here, I am blown away by your header; I think it's the BEST. Have a great weekend (and I'll keep my fingers crossed that your hubby will sleep in EVERY day next week :)

amelia bedelia said...

wow, im're so popular and cool!

Annie said...

I loved the half day when I worked it as a teacher ( I'm sure like a prostitute likes BJ's over the full monty)because it was HALF THE WORK!
As a mom of a half day kindergartner, it feels like I'ma taxi driver.

Go Beebs! Meet Carlyn- she loves every bathroom and drinking fountain there is as well.

I would hate to see what of my posts they would turn into a movie-I'd prob have to poop my pants again and do it over and over as they yelled "action!"
I'll go vote for you sista!

Soxy Deb said...

I think most kids have to potty as soon as you get to Target/the Mall/Grocery store/Nail place. What is that all about? Is it an epidemic of bladder issues? Should we start carrying diapers around with us again? Makes me nuts.

Off to vote for you now!! Good luck - sounds kinda cool!

Rochelle said...

Oh God. Please do not make my blog into a movie. SNORE fest 2008.

Bebes cracks me up. Santa lives in number 2! Ha! At least you have a mall. And a Santa. Hooterville (where I live) has neither.

And we have "minimum days" where we still have to make lunches. 8 am to 1 pm is not bad. Not feeding kids lunch when they get home is better.