Thursday, July 9, 2009

Friday Fragments

It's time for a Friday Fragments. Random thoughts from the week- God help you all. If you would like to join in with your own with Mrs.4444...

***Went shopping for a bra yesterday. How. Freaking. Depressing. When did that happen? I used to be able to buy a bra- no problem. Now, dresses, shirts, pants- and GOD- swimsuits- total different story, but bras- I could handle. Yesterday, something was different. Little bulges and bumps and lumps and divots in my shoulders- blech! I walked out, needlesstosay, without purchasing an over-priced bra and went to my daughter's softball game and had a sno-cone and a hot dog- that'll show Victoria's Secret! Long live the sag!

***In more news about my vanity... I got a facial last Thursday. I'm cheap. I don't do facials, except when I have a gift card to a swanky spa from last Christmas that's going to expire. I decided facial was the best choice since I'm dealing poorly with my aging process. I got my first "peel"- I don't know what kind it was- but it didn't feel like much (she claimed it was supposed to burn or itch- nope!)

I was hoping for a '10 years younger' appearance- well, more like 20... my face has 3 huge zits. I look like a 16 year old again! The girl claimed that some electric dildo thingy that she dragged across my face was supposed to stop me from breaking out- well, it didn't.

***I had trouble sleeping this week- very anxious- and busy. Flute lessons every day (my kid's school band plays the National Anthem at Busch Stadium in August), 6 softball/baseball games, and on the horizon, of course, BlogHer. I am so overwhelmed with everything. And to find out that Tim Gunn will be there now? I thought I was meeting up with a bunch of gals that embrace the yoga pant, WTF?

*** Back in December, my husband had an incident at work. To be thoroughly vague and confusing, I can't give details. He was eligible for retirement as of January 3 (20 years) and that had been his plan- to go to another job where medical insurance was less than $750/month. Well, I'm proud to announce that JUST 8 MONTHS LATER- the situation has been resolved. We are hoping for good things- please throw out a prayer or good thoughts for us.

*** I suck at this blogging thing- seriously. I adore all the connections I've made, but feel increasingly inferior to all the wit, sincerity, and talent out there. 12 days out from BlogHer is not the time to be feeling this way- or writing like shit or maybe that's why I feel this way. I need a good kick in the ass. Or maybe just some quiet so I can compose a sentence. Or maybe a talent. Or a life, who knows?

I have drafted about 12 things this week and each one is suckier than the last (fuck you, spellcheck- "suckier" is the perfect word to describe them.) So I wanted to take this time to apologize for my recent crap and let you know that I'm aware and am working on it.

***My husband had a dream last night that we were "rocking it"- that was his quote- and I said, "dude, you need to get that penis enlargement!" Self- conscious much? Or has he been reading my spam inbox?

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Kori said...

Just go to BlogHer and have fun. Seriously. If "people" don't like you or whatever because they are more talented, pretty, less lumpy, whatthefuckever, well, those are probably not the bloggers you would read anyway.

Of course, I can say that with sincerity becase I am not going, therefore have no worries about sags or lumps. : )

Under the Influence said...

Maybe you can tackle Tim to the ground and force him to take you one on one shopping!

Or, you could go to BlogHer and never leave your hotel room - just lay in bed all day with the remote and a cooler. :)

Mrs4444 said...

OMG, Tena-I was LOLing about the bra BS (I can relate-How can we go to BlogHer with saggy boobs, but how can I go to BlogHer wearing a D? D?! Come ON, people. So, I squeezed into my C-cup and walked a little bit today. I'm shooting for a C fit by next week. Wish me luck.) Anyway, I was LOLing, and laughed even harder at "In more news about my vanity..." Don't feel pressure to be that funny at BlogHer, but I'll be hoping... P.S. Did you send me your cell # for BlogHer? (In case we don't see each other.)

Keeping fingers crossed for your hubs-what a relief!

Megryansmom said...

Happy FF, looking forward to meeting you at Blogher, I'll be the suckiest blogger sitting in the corner somewhere, come over and say hi

Paige said...

Here is your kick in the ass- you are a GREAT blogger, I love checking in to see what you are up to.

You are going to have fun at BlogHer, wish I was going--had I had my shit together I would have planned it--esp since hubby is living in Chicago now. But I was not even that brave. And I am a bad ass--and you are showing me up.

That aint easy sister!


Sara Bonds said...

Boy, I can relate to a lot in this post. First of all, bra shopping . . . forget it. I am in an DDD. I was sized and the lady told me I should be in an F. A flippin' F! Needless to say, it is my worst nightmare going bra shopping.

I also often feel like I am sucking at the whole blogging things. It's hard to see so much traffic come in and so few followers or comments. It's like, "Why am I good enough to come see, but not good enough to follow or comment?" It can get hard.

As for BlogHer. I bet you'll be fine. I SO wish I was going, but I can't this year. :o(

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I really wish I had planned on going to BlogHer this year...I'd hang with you in a heartbeat...of course the feeling may not be mutual, so I guess that means I'd end up stalking it's probably good that I'm not going...(evil grin!) You'll do just fine!!

I was LOL-ing all over the place with the bra shopping experience...which is why I haven't yet gotten up the nerve to do I long for my former 'C' days vs 'DD' after pregnancy...*sigh!*

Keeping my fingers crossed that your hubby gets into the department of choice... :)

Happy FF a day late! :)