Monday, July 27, 2009

First Blogher Wrap up- oh yeah, there will be more!

I wouldn't have guessed that this would be the hardest post I have EVER written.

The post Blogher post.

The anticipation and expectations are far too high for my post traumatic stress capabilities at this point.

I am still beyond exhausted, my ass aches from 12 hours on an upright train seat, and I have a tapestry burn on my leg from dragging my asinine suitcase with broken wheels 2 city blocks to the bus stop.

I have read great wrap up posts- better than the words that I can currently put together in my fragile state. I met amazing people and can honestly say that I wasn't disappointed in any one person that I met.

Canadians excrete coolness effortlessly- just an observation.

You won't get any trash talking here, not at least until I go through all my pictures so I have evidence.

I learned that I have not made much social advancement since high school. I am still the one that blends into a crowd. I am still the people watcher. I observe and soak it in. I smile and nod. As much as I'd love to be the party animal and life of the party, it is not to be.

Surprisingly, I didn't feel self conscious, though. Call it confidence, call it old age, call it xanax and vodka- whatever. I was excited to be out of the house- to be around all of those amazingly creative people that manipulate the language as an alternate form of expression to the awkwardness that is human interaction.

I know not of the 'drama' that I've heard going around, except my personal brand of baggage that I brought crying and cursing through the streets of Chicago on my cell phone (another story that will need to be carefully crafted for another time.)

What I do know is that flow of tears and humiliation were comforted by hugs, nudges, and a $21 buffet breakfast with people that I had never met.

First impression- FAIL.

They showered me with the warmth of a loving friend of many years and made me feel like a little less of an ass. In my snot infested nervous breakdown moment surrounded by virtual friends, but actual strangers, I felt, for the first time in a long time, like I fit in. I had a place. It was a distant place off in the corner, but still, a place.

This was the reason I went. This was the support and community I found in the cyber world and wondered if it would translate into real life.

I am happy to say that it did.
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Jen said...

Can I just say that I LOVE YOU. Since you are sooo close to me, we will be getting together before next year.

CheekySweetie said...

I was so glad I got to meet you, and btw, you are so damn pretty!

Lisa-licious said...

Sue and I want to claim you as our suite-mate for BlogHer '10 in NYC. Say yes. Remember, I have lots of photos from '09! Love you!!!!

HappyHourSue said...

You and Lisa made Blogher for me. Seriously, I consider you a close friend and so cool and so much fun...can't wait for the pic of us and manny!!!!!

You are the best - I feel lucky that we got to meet in real life.

NYC '10!!!!!!!

CailinMarie said...

I am so dying to know what goes on at this Blogher thing and if it is worth all the stress of making it happen! It already sounds cool though -

Under the Influence said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Can't wait to read more about your trip.

Rachel said...

I am still upset that we didn't meet!!!!

Great post honey!

Megryansmom said...

Tuesday and I'm still exhausted and still sad we didn't have the chance to meet.

Nancy said...

I won't miss it next year!

Jen said...

I loved your BlogHer wrap-up post and can't wait for the next installment. Also, hope to meet you IRL next year in NYC!!! (If I can work up enough nerve to actually go.)

OHmommy said...

Wasnt that brunch awesome and well worth the money. We did it on Saturday morning and had a great time. Nice job with your post!

The Mom Jen said...

Beautiful post Tena!! Can't wait to meet you next year!

Annie said...

So happy you went and even happier you had a great time!

Momo Fali said...

It was so great, wasn't it? It was more than I thought it would be...and infinitely better.

It was so great to meet you!

♥georgie♥ said...

awwww tena this was an awesome post...i am so envious of those of that went

Assertagirl said...

It was really lovely to meet you and spend time with you, Tena. You're the genuine article. With a great rack.

Mrs4444 said...

Wasn't it great?! As I said earlier, it was like a class reunion in which every person liked you and was your BFF, but in a sincere way. So much fun. And I saw ZERO drama/elbowing/etc. but for some reason, a few bad apples are getting a lot of press. Oh well-at least we had a great time! :)

Complicated Mama said...

Can you believe I am just really getting caught up on my blog reading since Blogher??

Its insane.

Im so glad we got to meet-- even if it was for 5 minutes... you're so awesome and adorable.. and I wish you'd have met up with me for a cocktail dammit! lol

ahh maybe next time. :)