Friday, May 30, 2008

He cracks himself up!

I like to entertain. That is, I used to like to entertain before we moved to this God forsaken town where I don't fit in and have no one to host. Anyway, when I say the phrase "to entertain" for example, as I did when we were house shopping (I was looking for a home that was comfortable to entertain in) or when grocery shopping (I pick up a bottle of wine or extra soda just in case because I like to entertain)... you get the idea... every time I put those words together, my husband giggles like a schoolgirl. I find this annoying and distracting like much that he does.

me: what is so funny?

husband: just say "have people over"

me: why?

husband: (through his intermittent chuckles) because every time you say "entertain", I picture you wearing a top hat and dancing around like in some kind of cabaret show.

And speaking of hats, we were having a real heart to heart and I was telling him that I didn't feel appreciated. Explaining that I do everything for our family while all he's expected to do is work. I made the mistake of using the cliche "I wear many hats." Again he was chucking it up. Clearly, this brought another visual to his mind. I didn't need an explaination, but I got one. "I just see you wearing a chef's hat, a sailor hat, a clown's hat, maybe a beret..." God give me strength!

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Evils of the world


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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where my girls at?

In college, I studied Communications (with an emphasis in Mass Media) because I have always had a deep love for all things unimportant, I mean, media- related. BK (before kids), I tried my hand at actually utilizing my degree and worked in local television and radio- HATED IT! (said melodically like "Men on Film" from In Living Color) The only thing that stuck and remains one of my guilty pleasures in life is Entertainment Weekly. I have subscribed for years and read it religiously cover to cover.

So, two weeks ago, when I recieved my "Special Double Issue Sex and the City Edition-63 pages of Sex"- I couldn't have been happier! Like most women (and gay men) that watched the show- LOVED IT! I have missed it thoroughly and couldn't wait to catch up with my old friends! I immediatey ran the magazine to the van and preserved my reading for quiet time in the parking lot at carpool pickup- so I could enjoy it without interuption. And enjoy it I did! I have been caught several times over the last week laughing aloud in my car all by myself while the respectable mothers beside me were reading their fancy books by Eckhardt Tolle, Nora Roberts, and Dean Koontz (ooh la la). All the while, I am reminiscing with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda about past relationships, escapades, and inappropriate sexual innuendo.

My anticipation of the upcoming movie is building like one of Samantha's multiple orgasms. How I missed the ridiculous cliches, double entendre, and sexual puns! So much so, that I pulled a mini-marathon and watched the 6th season yesterday. I sat with a perm-a-grin and goose bumps and was moved to tears 4 different times.

The emotion that the show evokes is astounding. Each of the characters has determination, turbulence, and vulnerability. They are realistically flawed and brutally honest. They each make mistakes and bad decisions and they depend on their friends to get them through- what's not to love? Me likey!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What time is it? Summer time!

Today is the day when I start demising my evil little plan of bribery, reward, and consequence as my children will be out of school for the summer starting at noon on Friday.

I do it every summer and every summer I am just as nieve and gullible with stars in my eyes thinking that this will be the summer! The summer the fighting ceases. The summer that they will entertain themselves. The summer that they will keep their room clean. The summer that I won't be a short order cook for 4 very picky eaters. The summer that they won't ask for for something every 2 minutes.

I always draw up a chart with each name. They get points for "good" things like cleaning up after themselves, playing nice, one year I even bought them math activity books (aren't I mean!) and they got points per pages completed. I don't know why I think my stupid little chart would change their behavior, but a woman's gotta have dreams, right?

In the years past, they are very excited at the launch- they try their best and make sure that I'm remembering to keep track. Unfortunately, they catch on to my alterior motive by about July and everything goes to hell!

This summer, I have, but one, true motive. We are a strict 8PM bedtime house, but my 3 year old has this odd habit of singing in her bed in the dark until about
10PM. Then she is awake at 6:30AM. By noon, fahgettaboutit! She NEEDS her naps!

So although, my chart will give my kids the impression of high expectations, I fully expect: my house to be a disaster, several punches thrown, some hair pulling, no sharing, the phrase "I hate you" screamed several hundred times, and more dramatic whining than you can shake a stick at. Little do they know, if Beebs gets her nap, I'm going to be a happy camper!

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Stick a Fork in Me- I'm Done

My palms are sweating and even though it's only 10:50AM, I could use a drink! No, it's not the kids- although, they're home from school for Memorial Day so, they're driving me nuts, but that's a give in.

I attempted to change the format, template, layout (whatever) of my blog page. The anxiety that I have when venturing into "unknown" territory such as this is overwhelming to me. But it's done and as remedial as it may look, I'll take it! I'm pleased as punch that you don't have to scroll down half the page anymore before you get to a post! And I have a "blogroll"- how cool is that? (Thanks Jen!)
So I must take a break now because my brain has been working too hard for a holiday!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

a bunch of random crap

Ok, so I don't have much, but a bunch of random crap (thus the title- clever, heh?) that happened this weekend and I'm not sure that I want to bore anyone with the details, but I'm afraid I will have to. So, I will drop some bullet points just to clear my crazy scattered head and then maybe I'll get back to writing something with actual content (am I giving myself too much credit?)

. The kids had two "dress down" days (without uniforms) at school this week. Holy crap, I never understood people whining about laundry until this weekend! The $7000 tuition is looking justifiable right about now.

. My rating at cre8buzz has been higher than ever since they changed the rating system. It's flattering and all, but I've felt a little wierded out by people that were complaining that they dropped- geez- I don't get it? I think I've gotten more traffic and that's cool. But I still don't have a damn clue what I'm doing- I just write. I see these people that have like "industries" and advertisers and shit and I wonder if I'm out of my league. Some of them are published "writers", dude, I'm just along for the ride!

. The man child's birthday went off without a hitch. We got him Mario Kart and stuff for his bike and I made a lemon cake (his fave) and had lunch at my moms- you care, I know!

. Reunion with the old neighbors for a football game went as well as could be expected considering I don't do football. It was uncomfortable getting together with folks you haven't seen for a year or two. It was nice to see how the kids have grown. Some bonds were still there, some, not so much- some conversations were more strained than others and that was sad. All in all, it was good to see them again. If you are confused about my neighbor thing-
might clear it up a little.

. The weather for this weekend here was predicted to be "gorgeous". Outside plans- all around -everyone was gearing up their boats and headed to the lake, we planned on some fun and sun at my mom's pool, we had the football game yesterday and I wanted to get some gardening in. It has been stormy- black skies, thunder, lightning, and sheets of rain since yesterday at 11:00AM. We got an hour in of football and then it turned to crap. One of the local meteorologist (and I use that term lightly) was heard apologizing for "dropping the ball" (my dad insists it's a conspiracy to get people to go to the area lakes to keep up revenue- claims it happens every Memorial day weekend- I hate conspiracy theories)- anyway, said meterologist was defending how it (his royal screw up) happened and I quote "it became a juicy and explosive atmosphere." Ya think?

. Gorged myself with way too much food this weekend: pizza, White Castles (never eat these since I hate them, but my husband loves them and it was his "birthday"), hot dogs, potato salad (the only salad I got close to this weekend), donuts, ice cream, and lemon cake- damn man child's birthday! Cue guilt and regret and oversized swimsuit cover-ups!

. Finally, if you are still reading, God bless you , you have quite an attention span! You may have noticed my caddy wompas stuff going on my blog? How there is a long time before the posts start. Does anyone know what the hell's going on or how I can fix it? I am completely retarded with this and I have let it go for too long and it's driving me crazy!

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Friday, May 23, 2008

It's the man childs birthday weekend

My husband and I have a love- hate relationship. We are definitely not the lovey dovey type. We are the kind that bicker pretty much all the time- others think it's funny when they witness it. If I had a dollar for each time someone told me that we were just like Debra and Ray on "Everybody Loves Raymond", well, I'd have several dollars.

I've watch that show and, honest to God, there are probably 5-10 episodes where I was left scratching my head wondering: oh my God, how did they get this story line? We just had that exact same arguement!

That being said, it has nothing to do with the cost of butter, but I thought I would share it as a way to illustrate our dynamic. He's an idiot and I'm the one with my shit together.

Anyway, It's his birthday on Sunday. I have spoiled him on his birthday since I've known him- what I can say, he drives me mad, but I'm a giver! I have thrown surprise parties, planned big fancy dinners with friends and he always gets showered with whatever is on his list. He has truly become like one of the kids ( you know how when the kids have a party at school , then with friends, then with the family and before you know it, it has become their birthday week).

His birthday is Sunday, but he keeps saying "but today is my birthday" NO TODAY IS FRIDAY. We have plans tomorrow and he's being a pain in the butt about it and doesn't want to go, why? that's not how I want to spend my birthday- once again, NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY- IT'S ON SUNDAY!

I don't know about you, but I don't "ask" for stuff for birthday anymore. If there's something I need, I pretty much just go out and get it. I'm pathetically practical and don't need much more than enough to get me by. Not my husband! After Sunday, he will start asking for things for Christmas and after Christmas, he will ask for things for his birthday- I kid you not! He is the biggest child and always "wants" stuff. Not practical stuff either- crap, toys, knick- knacks, if a child would like it, he might. Which is ironic, because he's not youthful and playful, like you'd imagine from his list of wants, he always saying he's too old to do this or that and achin' and moanin'!

Here are just a few of the things that have been on his list in the last couple of years: Dick Tracy lunch box, record player, stuff to go on his bike, cd's, movies, popcorn machine, punching bag, Mock 5 toy car (from Speed Racer), Mario Kart video game for Wii- I ask you, does this sound like a 44 year old man?

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I belong on the other side of the tracks!

Just got home from "Spirit Day" at my kids' school. It is a parade followed by a day of carnival type games, snow cones, and pure unadulterated (for grade schoolers, anyway) bliss! It's a cute concept and it usually goes off without a hitch. Today, however, it rained- but the show must go on and so it did. The kids still had just as much fun as they always do, but me, still feeling like a fish out of water in this community, struggled to feel comfortable. Below is a list of guidelines that I have learned since moving to this town and school- not official, but it should be:

1.) You must plan on 30 minute drive to ANYWHERE.

2.) There are few stay at home moms and the ones that are here are so stinking filthy rich that you will not have anything in common with them, thus have no bonding experiences.

3.) Be expected to contribute time and money on a weekly basis.

4.)You must drive a gas guzzling vehilce that retails over $50,000 unless you are particularily trendy and eco-chic and you opt for the earth friendly Mercedes Smartcar- that you can only fit one child into.

5.) You must be dudded in the finest name brands including but not limited to clothing, shoes, and handbags. You must have styled hair with fresh highlights, and makeup. Sweats will not be permitted.

6.) If you don't live in at least a $1million home- don't tell anyone- they won't know where your home is anyway.

7.) Be prepared to spend too much money on your childrens' activities.

8.) Be prepared to fork out a minimum of $12,000 a year tuition for child's high school.

9.) Be in the best bikini wearing shape at all times.

10.) Breast implants- not mandatory, but preferred.

11.) If you do not meet the above requirements, don't expect a soul to notice or speak to you. Welcome to the community!

Ok, so maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but you get the idea. I'm totally out of my league and yeah, I'm bitter about it. I hate to drive everywhere. I am a stay at home mom who would love someone to talk to, but half the time I would talk about our money problems- what's the use? I will contribute as much time as I can with a 3 year old attached to my leg and money... let me know when you find some and have them donate it to me! We drive a 7 year old Chrysler minivan- it is filthy- inside and out- has dings and the windshield wiper is broken and is scratching the windshield so I can't even see out without leaning to my right! I'm not a fashionista- I'd like to be, but can't afford it- they don't have to worry about sweats, usually I just wear my jammies!

So there you hoitie toities- take that- I will send my kids to your school and live in your community even though I clearly don't fit in and hell, maybe I don't belong there. But, apparently, you're all afraid to talk to me so it's not like anyone's going to ask me to leave!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My (born in Britain of Greek heritage) Idol

Ok, I am watching American Idol- like many, I'm sure. I'm not waiting with baited breath for the winner like most, though. Nope, but I am breathing heavy while waiting for something else.

George Michael. I loooove him!!! I love his songs, his voice, his looks, even his old worn out five O'clock shadow! I don't care how many times he gets caught with drugs. Who am I to judge if he gets caught getting a little somethin' somethin' in the men's bathroom? I will overlook how flaming gay he is and dream of him going straight for me! Sure, he's getting old, but who the hell isn't?

I loved him in Wham as he overshadowed poor wallflower, Andrew Ridgely. Wearing his absurd oversized Day-glow sweatshirt and short shorts in "wake me up before you go-go" with the feathered hair- bebopping the white man's dance- that was hot! Careless Whisper, I get horny just thinking about it! Then there was Faith- OH MY GOD! That ass!!! Those jeans! Every song on the album is great. I Want Your Sex- need I say more?

I wasn't a "poster" person in the 80's when all my friends had corny pictures on their walls of Rick Springfield, Michael Jackson, and all the hair bands, I was above it. However, in college, my dorm room had a life size poster of George Michael over my bed- I put aside my snobbiness to pay homage to his ass.

The album Listen Without Prejudice came out when I was in college, before his unfortunate escapades (that I don't hold against him!). It is genius! If you have time to listen to it- DO- you won't regret it! Every track is amazing, lyrically, vocally- I'm getting all worked up here!!!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have 2 men in my life and they are cramping my style!

There is my husband and my 13 year old son. My husband is not a lovey dovey type. He doesn't do the romance thing and has been morphing into a grumpy old man since he's turned 40 (he's almost 44!)

My son is 13- really, need I say more? His grades suck, his attitude is even worse. His room is always a disaster. He doesn't listen, he talks back and argues with EVERYTHING!

I like to go to the gym every morning. Today I couldn't because my son has been throwing up since 2:30- seems the bug that went around here a few weeks ago had a longer incubation period than I had anticipated! I know I should be more sympathetic, but he's such a smart ass, it's hard! I went to his room to straighten it up and the homework that he told me he did, is sitting on his desk- untouched! The room that he told me he cleaned- is destroyed. I find 2 infractions (his school's disciplinary actions) on his floor that he didn't tell me about! hhhhh...Deep breath.

I was going through the silly e-mails that my sister sends me. My husband looked over my shoulder to see this cute little "guide" of what men should and shouldn't say. There was a list of things NOT to say and safe things to say and the best things to say. Ultimately the ultra safe thing was Here, have some wine. Cute, right? All my husband saw was the "dangerous" list of what NOT to say: What's for dinner?, Are you wearing that?, What are you so worked up about?, Should you be eating that?, What did you do all day?

He says what's that, I say those things to you all the time

Can I have a glass of wine, now?

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Monday, May 19, 2008

lesson for the day

So, my recent fear of feeling and looking old (I am in a semi- mid life crisis and I hope my last post didn't scare too many off, take everything from me with a grain of salt, I'm a bit impulsive) took over my better judgement this weekend and I felt I needed a tan. I went to tanning salon for the first time in about 15 years!

I used to go when I was in high school and college ALL THE TIME! Then I had kids and my vanity became less important. Oh yeah, and everyone started realizing how horrible it is for you- I'm aware, just vain and stupid!

They have changed quite a bit since I used to go. They look like spaceships. There are like 10 different "levels" and it's become quite the investment! I decided that I just wanted to get a little color to get me over the winter into spring doldrums- it seems to have rained everyday here since spring started! I bought a package that is only for a week to try and achieve a "base" tan. They decided to put me in a level 4- due to my olive (green!) complexion.

So I get in the spaceship and have to lay on my back for 5 minutes and then switch to my stomach for 5 minutes. OK, back in the good ol' days, the crappy little bulbs weren't that strong and you could just lay the same way for the whole time (which was 30 minutes!!!). That's Ok, I'll follow the rules. I can see why... the bulbs on the top of the spaceship are HOT!!! So after 5 minutes I flip.

Now, remember, when I used to go to these, I was MUCH smaller! I weighed about 100 lbs and had an "A" cup, maybe "B" on a good day. Four kids, 15 years, 30lbs, and 2-3 cups larger, I am definitely a different person than I used to be.
It was soooo uncomfortable! I shifted my breasts about five different ways, trying to avoid wierd tan lines ( I don't know why I care- it's not like those puppies see the light of day!). I scooted them in, spread them out, pushed them up, layed them flat- and all of this contortioning in 5 minutes! All the while, my back side is ON FIRE!

Lesson for the day: Women larger than a "B" cup, should not lay in a tannig bed on their belly.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

the definition of "Me"

We all define ourselves by something- job, family, appearance, whatever. For the last ten years, I have been labeled "stay at home mom", but I never defined myself as that. I considered myself just a mom. I love that I have been able to stay home with my kids, but I've always had this feeling that something was missing- as taboo as that statement may be- there it is.

I think some women are perfectly happy to be at home and raise their kids- I don't fall into that catergory. It's a daily internal struggle between selfishness and sacrifice. If the support system and appreciation is there, it makes it that much easier- I also don't have a lot of that. My husband works odd hours and is gone a lot. He has also become used to me being home and takes it for granted. I don't have friends that are close that I can bear my soul to when things becoming trying. These things make staying at home, a lonely place. It's not just that, though. It's what makes you- you.

I was always very independent growing up and was able to be my own person and fly by the seat of my pants. I was confident in relationships, work and life in general. I had time to grow and learn about what made me tick. When you become a mom- especially one that stays home, you run a fine line of losing that person you were. Your life becomes about everyone else. It takes a conscious effort to stay true to yourself. I'm afraid I have failed in that attempt.

The transition was easier when the kids were young, I didn't have time to stop and think about it. I think kids were like an adrenaline that lasted about 10 years. When you're running around after little ones, you're lucky if you get a chance to shower, much less, have the time to ask, who am I? My child adrenaline is wearing off. I'm left, not with regret, but with a game of catch up.

I know it will be here before I know it. My kids will be grown and won't want or need me around. That is the reason I do it. Unfortunately, my instant gratification self is having a hard time with justification.

In the meantime, I will keep doing things that help define "me". This blog, for example, has helped me take a hard, honest look at myself. I have found the ability to express myself and maybe regain a little bit of myself along the way.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

today will not be a lazy day

I am still a stay at home mom, but I'm nearing the homestretch. I only have one kid left at home during the day. She just turned 3, so it'll be a while until she is in school full time, but she is only 1 kid. I did my time of having 3 and 4 running around the house, diaper duty, having to know where they are at EVERY second, nursing/bottles, having to feed them in a highchair- I know how hectic it can be and I know how spoiled I am by it- no more than today! Today, I am babysitting my 2 nieces- 9 months and 3 years.

Me and Beebs have the day down to a science. We watch a little Dora and Wonderpets, color or do an "activity", play a little, eat lunch after Yo Gabba Gabba, go pee pee and poo poo and then take a nap. I wake her up to pick up the kids from school. Seriously, everyday, that is the schedule.

I picked up my nieces at 7:30 this morning. On the way here, the baby picked up a small trinket remnant off my car seat and put it in her mouth. The older one started talking to me about how she can't put stuff in her mouth or she'll "frow up". I thought we were just talking, luckily I looked back and saw the baby wiggling something bright yellow with her tongue. I immediately pulled over and had to wrangle it out of her mouth. Tragedy averted!

By 9:09, the 2- 3yr olds were asking for lunch! Every toy we own is laying on the living room floor. I have had to build a baracade so the 9 month old stops pressing the off button on my computer tower. The baby has pulled the wire out of the censor for our Wii (glad I bought that warranty!)and reset the lock box for our cable (next time my husband wants to watch his dirty movies, he'll have to ask her what the code is).

It's 10:52-I find myself asking my 3 year old niece... What time does your daddy get off work again?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

from the mouth of Beebs

We watch American Idol. If your favorite is a guy, Beebs refers to him as "your boyfriend". She likes David Archuletta- he is "her boyfriend". I like David Cook.

In Church on Sunday, there was a man sitting behind us that she felt resembeled David Cook. My husband is holding her and she yells," Mom, that looks like your boyfriend!"


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just another (mother's) day

No post for a few days, life has gotten in the way. I thought I needed to let off a little steam.

Sunday, was Mother's Day, blah, blah, blah. Not really a big deal to me. I don't usually spend quality time with my mom on this day. She lives close and I see and talk to her all of the time. Nor do I brunch with my husband and kids or get the cliche flowers, candy or jewelry! (My sarcastic tone is because I secretly would have liked any of this!)

I usually like to be by myself- which is a treat to me- and work in my garden on this day. The 75 mph winds, 40 degree temperature and downpour of rain screwed up my tradition.

My husband suggested going to his mom's for the day. She lost her husband last week and his other siblings were going over there. I knew deep down that this would be a nice gesture. For some reason, though, I argued it. I don't know what it was.

My mother in law and I don't have the closest relationship and have had our share of yelling matches and disagreements, but those are in the past. As years have passed, I have become more understanding of her and her lifestyle. I have realized we actually have some things in common, which is a fact that many people would have a coronary to hear me admit.

So, I finally broke down and went. We spent the day in a candlelit room- electricity was out due to the crazy weather- no tv or radio- which left us to our own devices of TALKING. I must admit, it wasn't so bad!

Mother's Day has become, like many, a commercial holiday. I guess I fell into that mindset that it was MY day and everything had to be about me since I am a mom. That's why I put up a fight about going to his mom's house on Mother's Day. That was silly. It turned out to be an Ok day even though it wasn't what I would have chosen.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Is it just me?

Ok, so I caught the Today show at the gym this morning and The Duggar family was on it. The kids were there to "surprise" their mom with gifts for Mother's Day. The parents pulled the ol' switcheroo on them and "surprised" the kids with news that they are expecting #18!!! Yep, that's 18 kids. I ask you this... at this point, is that really a surprise, really?!

I have seen their TLC shows and they seem to have their shit together and they would NEVER use the word shit, which is why I kind of think they are full of it! They claim they pay cash for everything! They have no bills. The family built this huge house with their own hands from the ground up. When asked what his career was- I thought the answer was a little shady. He mentioned insurance, real estate, and his attempt at a run for the senate! Huh?

Despite whether I think it's appropriate to have this many kids or not (not, but that's not the point)- something just doesn't sit right with these people to me. Is it just me?

Clown Car
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another note from school

So I have rambled about what's "expected" from my kids' school before. Well, here I go again.

It's a Catholic school and yes, we choose to send our kids there and we choose to pay far too much money- that we cannot afford- to do so. It's a wierd thing. See, we used to live in a "city" where the public schools were horrible, so we chose the private school route (oh yeah, and we are Catholic). When we moved, we were well aware of the new school district being very good- not the reason we moved, but was something we considered. Our kids had already been through a few years in Catholic school and we kind of had this fear of "throwing them to the lions" if we put them in public school. I second guess that decision so much now, but they are too far in now and the transition 3 years ago was hard on them and now we're really stuck.

Anyway, the ramble continues... Last year an order of "sisters" took over our school. They are a lovely, pleasant, peaceful bunch of ladies, but they came in with their own set plan for our school and have been changing things accordingly.

First, and this is not a complaint, just an observance. They are VERY religious! This should go without saying, and I probably sound like a heathen for saying it, but it's true! The kids are expected to pray the Rosary and go to Adoration weekly, and they are taught extensively about Saints that I've never heard of! Not that this is a bad thing, it's just new to me. Clearly, I went to a second hand Catholic school all of my life!

Next, and this is a complaint, they have announced a change in the dress code. A uniform that has been in place for 75 years! A uniform that I have an abundant supply of- since I stocked up all sizes when we moved here. Now they have sent out a new note:

Wondering what to do with the old uniform and shirts? Consider donating them. Cross International will accept our yellow shirts and uniforms in all sizes and sleeve lengths. They will distribute them to needy children in third world countries. We will collect laundered yellow shirts and uniforms in the designated boxes in the school lobby and the parish center. They can also be donated at the Uniform Sale. Since shipping cost to Cross International can be several hundred dollars, we are asking for donations of money to defray these costs.

Yeah, that's right! We can donate them. Ok, I can handle that, but then they would like a friggin' donation for shipping- are you kidding me???? I must cool down before I get a first class ticket to hell for the things that are going through my head right now!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Count me out next time!

As a mom, I seem to take the back seat a lot. I am the disciplinarian, not the "fun" one. I am the one left to clean up the dinner mess when everyone goes and plays catch. Many times, I will stay home from late games so I can get the little ones to bed on time. When the kids get sick, I do the cleaning, the laundry, and the nurturing back to health. That's my role that I have fallen into and I'm Ok with it, I've actually grown quite fond of it.

My husband felt ill all Sunday. Since he just lost his father and he has a tendancy to have panic and anxiety attacks, we really thought he was just struggling with his stress. Well, by 1AM, I, too, was running to the bathroom every 10 minutes to throw up. At 3am, my 3 year old joined us. At 6am, my 7 year old jumped into the fun! I was literally crawling from one bathroom to the next, checking on kids throwing up, throwing up myself, making pallets to sleep on next to each toilet.

It's Tuesday and I can finally hold my head up enough to sit at the computer(which may explain the nonsense). The washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher have been running for the last 36 hours to try and make sure the 2 healthy kids in my house don't get this horrible bug!

I really miss when I was the one left to clean up this mess and I felt just fine! I really wish I could have sat this one out! Moms aren't supposed to get sick!

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