Thursday, April 10, 2008

We are an American Idol Family

My kids range from 13-3. With such a wide age gap, it's difficult to find something that we can all do a s a family without complaints of boredom from at least one child, or me for that matter! For 7 years now, we can all agree on sitting in front of the television for Tues. and Wed. for American Idol. We cheer, root on our favorites and boo and hiss the ones that suck. My husband is even bummed when he isn't home on AI nights! I call him and give him updates when someone gets sent home.

We are a somewhat musical family- not that we are talented, but we enjoy music, listening, singing, doing karoake and the such- we are dorks! Last night we watched the "Idol Gives Back" special and even bucked up and called in a donation, minimally as it may have been, it's the thought that counts, right? As cliche as it may be, we are an American Idol family.

Current faves before vote off:
Mom's fave- David Cook
Dad's fave- David Cook
Gabe's fave-Jason Castro
Addison's fave-Syesha
Alayna's fave- Syesha
Genevieve's fave- Syesha (I secretly think she just likes to say her name) & David Archuletta "is my boyfriend"-she's 3- God help me!

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