Monday, April 14, 2008

sweet sacrifice

I am a stay at home mom. We are a one income family. This is a choice that we have made and as a result we make some sacrifices- here are some things that may differ from me and a working mom- as a bonus, most of them bring humiliation to my kids.

1.)My kids don't have the latest technology-

my 13 yr old's friends have every video system known to man and laptops and my 9-yr old's friends all have cell phones!

2.)I am not going to pay $100 (or more) for my kids to see Hannah Montana in concert-

I will pay my cable bill- watch it on tv!

3.)Our vacation means that my parents generously let us stay at their condo on the gulf for a week! No Disneyworld.

4.) I clip coupons!

5.) My kids bring their lunch to school everyday- generic brands and all!

6.) If I don't get out of the car when I'm picking up from school, it's usually because I have realized that I'm wearing the same thing from the day before.

7.) My kids are in bed by 8pm-now it's my time!

8.) I DON'T necessarily look forward to weekends, spring break or summer break

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Angela: mom2girlsgirlsgirls: said...

Hello! I've wandered over here from the Buzz. I completely relate to you. I'm a stay-at-home mom of three, which seemed like a great idea at the time, but now I'm wondering...who is that woman in the mirror???

My family lives in southeast Kansas, so you & I are practically neighbors. Bring over a glass of wine and rant any time!