Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My weighty issue

I watched The Biggest Loser finale last night, like I have for the past 6 seasons (I am nothing if not consistent with my television watching!) Everytime I get goosebumps and blubber like a fool by the inspiring changes they made in their lives. I, like many, I'm sure, think well, if they can do can I. I attempt to use it as a springboard to get off those extra pounds. Just sitting in front of the television last night watching the remarkable results revealed guilted me from reaching for the tub of ice cream- so I guess I'm on the right track.

The struggle that I have with weight is a relatively new one. I was stick rail thin growing up. I was often teased for being too skinny. Until I had my first child, I never weighed more than 110lbs soaking wet! The weight came off pretty easily after #1, but was redistributed in a way that was not kind. My second was very colicky which drove me to eat and really pile on some cushion! Lo and behold, I became pregnant again before I was able to do anything about it. Then #4- you get the idea.

I am not obese, by any means, but having been so thin all of my life, it's hard to adjust to normal size 10 and 12 . It also doesn't help that my mom and sister are very skinny without any effort. I am always around them and at the age of 50, my mom just started having her "issues with weight"-translation -she has had to go up to a size 4 (honest to God!). My sister has had 4 children also and yes, she has been cursed by many a stretch mark and hanging skin and the like on her torso- so boo hoo she can't wear her size 2 bikini anymore! Clearly, my lack of sympathy is jealousy, I'm not afraid to admit that.

I got the short (and fat) end of the stick in the gene pool- my dad's 7 sisters were all small until they had their first child. That sperm worked like a magic pill that permanently turned our boobs into "D" cups, rounded our upper arms to the likes of lumberjacks, widened our hips to balance out the boobs and added a nice spare tire around the middle. I will say this- we all have great legs- we could weigh 600lbs, but our legs will stay small and thin-like a weeble wobble on toothpicks-it's a good look!

So thank you, The Biggest Loser, for getting my fat ass off of the couch and giving me the determination to make a change, hopefully. If it doesn't work out maybe I can seek out new "normal" sized people to hang out with.


Rochelle said...

I get you! I'm a former 108 pounder myself and just wore my new size 12 pants today. Ugh.

I feel your pain...

Elaine A. said...

Getting old's a bitch, idn't it? ; ) Seriously, from what I've seen of you, you look great. But then this post was almost a year ago. Maybe that's why!? : )

p.s. the last time I weighed 110 pounds was probably 7th grade!

Thanks for linking up!