Friday, April 11, 2008

Elvis is dead!

I was never a huge fan of Elvis- I know he is "the king", father of rock n roll, yada yada, yada... I just never got him- always felt he was a bit dated for my taste.

I married a man who is, not only 8 years older than me, but is an "old soul". I, on the other hand, consider myself a contemporary. I eat up the pop-culture crap. He would rather sit down with my 90 year old step grandfather with alzhiemers and talk about the few things he remembers about the good ole days than someone his own age ANYDAY! Give me a gossip magazine and TMZ or E! and I'm good to go. I have often asked how he became an 80 year old man trapped in a 43 year old's body??? When my kids need some facts researched, he will run to our 20 year old set of yellowed paged Encyclopedias- I will find more thorough info in seconds with the trusty internet. He loves going to thrift stores, goodwills and antique stores -and not to look for deals or actual antiques like I would prefer - NO, to look for old dirty dingy CRAP that has no use (of which he stores in the basement). He loves John Wayne movies, westerns, old black and whites, THE HISTORY CHANNEL (anything pre-Vietnam), and Elvis. I don't do black and white movies, I can't even stand period piece epic-type movies- they bore the life out of me!

This is just one of our marital clashes- sure it's minor and I don't think it's going to be the death of us. However, he has brought it a little too far! He has brainwashed my 3 year old daughter into watching and adoring Elvis! She loves him. She distinguishes the videos according to the color of of his scarves and outlandish get-ups, "Dad, can we watch yellow Elvis, today?" She even sings the songs out in public! It's the first thing she asks for in the morning!

I have to listen to Elvis in the background of my day! How fitting, now I hear-Please Release me, Let Me Go!!!

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