Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I envy Oprah's eggs!

My mom has told me stories about when she was 37, she started going to the doctor complaining about random symptoms of nausea, faintness, irritability, and hot flashes (sound familiar?)

She'd insist to the doctors that she thought maybe she was starting an early stage of menopause, they'd shoot that okay, crazy lady glance her way, assure her that her eggs were still juicy, and shoo her away with some muscle relaxers.

Oh have times changed, right?

Yeah, sure.

Instead, my hush money was in the form of refills of Xanax and Lexapro. Valium is so 1980.

My recent bout with similar symptoms led me to the doctor for a battery of tests.

But I was really sick. I had the textbook case of thyroid disorder, Graves disease, and anemia. Urine specimen and blood work result were in.


Note to self: you are officially banned from WebMd.

Now, to most, normal test results should have been accompanied by a sigh of relief.

Not me.

I feared being the crazy hypochondriac lady at the doctor. I feared not having closure on the symptoms I was having. I feared PERI-MENOPAUSE!

My mom's dreaded fate has been passed down to me. I can look forward to 10 years of unexplainable hot flashes and mood swings (although, I refuse to believe that the fact that I cried today when I couldn't find my RENT soundtrack, a mood swing- that's perfectly justifiable!)

Hormones to regulate these feeling are frowned upon because of breast cancer or something -thanks Oprah! 100 bucks- she would have never done that hormone therapy show if she felt like this!

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Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Oprah really should be banned from discussing some topics. She did one show about a cream to make women "want" to have sex more..... and hubby still wants me to ask my doc to prescribe the cream. The cream isn't going to carpool kids to school, after school activities and clean the house.... most nights I'm just too damn tired to have sex! If I were you, I'd just go talk to your doc. I don't see anyone saying birth control pills do the same thing and they're messing with your hormones, too! Fell better, my friend, you're not alone!

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Hormones suck....Menopause sucks. Sorry to hear your going through all that so young.

Stop over to my blog....I have an award for you. And I promise you will like it :-)

Under the Influence said...

Hormones, the answer every doctor gives when they can't find anything else.

Enjoy the meds. Maybe they can bring Valium back to the 21st century?

JennyMac said...

Ugh....this is a lot on your plate.

Good luck. And congrats on your award from Denise. :)

Bea said...

I am 50 years old and have been in menopause for two years. My biggest complaint has been insomnia and lack of energy. I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a black cohosh supplement. There is a pill for a.m. and a pill for p.m. The package says that it may take 4-6 weeks to get the full effects so I bought two boxes. Half way through the first box, I could tell a bit of difference. After the first box, a big difference.

There are still days and nights that are not great, but less than there once was...Give it a try. Can't hurt.

Ronda's Rants said...

I am still going through it...the only symptom that realllly bothers me is the weight gain. Everything else I can deal with especially if I take good care of myself (first)
8 hours of sleep, lot's of water and healthy food!
Look at it like puberty for old people ...:)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I want to cry just hearing about your experience because I'm afraid the peri-menopause is on its way for me. My mom had a hysterectomy so she has no idea how old she was when she went into menopause..thanks Mom.

My twin is starting to use a cream that is considered a bio-identical. I have no idea how it works but I don't think it's the get more sex kind. :)

because I said so said...

so you'll tell us if you get any good drugs that we should sample right?

sorry love....hang in there (don't you want to slap me for saying that? "hang in there"..what kind of shit is that?...

marymac said...

whatever it takes to get through the days, dude! you rock, i hope you are feeling better soon and would love to clink a toast to your good health when I finally get to meet you! (BlogHer 10 NYC?!)

Nezzy said...

Oh girl, I am almost 57 and guess I'm a late bloomer. I have black cohoshed,estroid and preregistered creamed, yogaed, dieted, red yeast riced, exercised, meditated and still would break out in an intense sweat every 15-20 minutes. Day and night. I was getting no sleep...this went on for months. I found a product called Menopause Solutions. Saved my life. I slept a full 5 hours the first night. It took three days and I have had full rest since. The product treats a multitude of symptoms. I know everyones system is different but don't throw in the towel. Contrary to Doctors don't have to suffer. Have a wonderful week-end!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Sounds like a drag. Sorry. :(