Monday, June 15, 2009

This and That

The pinched nerve/strained neck muscle/spasm pain has subsided. The muscle relaxers were not as magical as I might have wished- so much so- I have stopped taking them and have LEFTOVERS! The doc got my hopes up in the office when he prescribed them- warning me to tell everyone in my house before I was going to take them and that I might become a little loopy- you can imagine my giddiness... unfortunately, I just fell asleep- which I suppose is better than that insomnia crap, but not nearly as fun as loopy! Thanks for your well wishes, but next time- send names of stronger drugs than Cyclobenzaprine.

I saw a very young (and handsome) doctor. Even though I felt old, I found comfort in the fact that even with an extreme poorwhitetrash/ghetto-style teenage knock-up-he could NOT be my child. So I have that going for me! When I start finding kids that could actually be my own, "attractive"- you will definitely need to slap the Mary Kay Letourneau out of me!

I am currently in my house- alone- quite possibly for the first time- ever. My husband is at work and my kids are at Vacation Bible School. I even volunteered my 14 year old son up to teach- because it would be good for him. And I wanted some alone time. And I may have exaggerated slightly on his required "service" hours that allowed him to graduate from Catholic school and I am nothing if not a slave to guilt! I figure it's not as bad as the "Science Camp" punishment I signed him up for last summer!

The quiet in this house is deafening and beautiful! It is raining so hard that my basement quite possibly is flooding. My dog is running amok through the house and just came out of my bathroom chewing on a tampon applicator- from the trash can- used! But I am still enjoying my time.

I'm wondering how exactly I am going to get a fresh stool sample from my dog for his vet visit at 1:00- when I have NO INTENTION of walking outside in this monsoon- though not encouraging my dog to poop in my house, this would be the ONE time that I may not mind it terribly- is that wrong?

I brought my daughter to a friend's house for a sleepover yesterday. I had never met the parents before so I stayed for a while to talk to the mother. She is from Boston and has the funnest dialect! As my son said, "she was chatty." I'd like to say that I was just being polite, but I stayed there for over 2 hours and enjoyed our conversation immensely! She knows my life story- probably too much. She was very welcoming and kind, but it did make me realize- I NEEDED SOME ADULT CONVERSATION for Christ's sake! It has been a long time!

I had used blogging as my outlet and interaction for so long and have gotten out of the habit. Non- bloggers (or people that have a life outside of the home) would probably not understand or may even feel sorry for me or think I am pathetic- which is completely true- however, it worked for me.

I'm still psyching myself out for BlogHer. I need some nudging shoving and encouragement and heavy petting! I'm freaked out... going away for the first time, leaving the kids in my husband's care (that's a relative term), my house, and the dog- I'm seriously breathing heavy and getting shaky just thinking about it! Not to mention, I'm still wondering how my husband is going to react- scared even. He was originally on board, I'm pretty sure out of guilt, but nonetheless, he told me to go and I signed up. I'm about 95% sure he thinks that I have forgotten or "gotten over that phase". I wish I had a real life friend to go with me- that would make it an easier pill for him to swallow- if I could only GIVE him an actual pill to swallow! I can understand how weird it seems to go and meet up with "cyber friends"- if I wasn't brainwashed myself, I'd think I was a freak (more than normal!) Any real life friends that are reading this- how about a trip to Chicago in late July?

I have told my husband's Aunt and she was very supportive and said that she would come to the house and help with the kids (and my husband's Tena withdrawals)- I'm hoping her offer still stands. But as it gets closer, I'm freaking out even more! Take a deep breath! I've not made travel arrangements yet- I think that is my defense mechanism/avoidance/ back out plan... so here is where you all need to slap me across the face and yell, "snap out of it, woman!" Discuss.

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Kori said...

Go forth and conquer; you will feel right at home becuase you actually already KNOW all these BlogHer attendees, right? I can easuly say that because I am not oging, ha ha ha.

The Mom Jen said...

ALONE?! I'm coming over! I want to hear deafening silence!

Miss you sweetheart!

Under the Influence said...

Pack your bags and get out of that house a few days early! Chicago is calling. Everyone will be fine.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I just took a trip to Chicago and it was awesome. I won't be at Blogher but it seems like it would be sooo much fun!

Annie said...

GO, you chicken shit. Seriously.
I would go with you,but hence....I barely blog & you are one of my few regulars.

Enjoy the quiet this week! My kids go the week I come back from the beach and I will enjoy that 9-12 Monday-Friday! Ahhhhh....

I didn't even think of volunteering!

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

"Snap out of it, woman!" I would go with you in a New York minute but I won't be in the country. I was dying to go but figured it would cross dates with our family vacation (I was right). So, you MUST go for me and Annie and have a drink for us! Get to it, Miss Athena!

Soxy Deb said...

"When I start finding kids that could actually be my own, "attractive"- you will definitely need to slap the Mary Kay Letourneau out of me"

Someone may need to bitch slap the hell out of me then. I think as I've gotten older, I really, really like the younger men (boys - whatever).

Go to BlogHer Tena! You'll regret it if you don't. I wish I could go, but with Jill's trip in Oct already hitting the budget, I can't do two.
You NEED to go! Don't make me bitch slap you too.

CailinMarie said...

think of it - blogher - meetingup with people who's blogs you read, meeting people and then deciding you will now read their blogs, you can take pictures of real life blogging friends and post them all over (oooh that IS cool isn't it?) getting out a bit and coming home with a new perspective on the family, you can even promise hubby you'll go "underwear" shopping :-)
Now why are you so scared? or did I miss that post?

Anonymous said...

Adult conversation...yummy. I was able to partake in some of that during my blogging hiatus as well. It's Good for you!
So jealous of everyone who gets to go to Blogher. But as I have said before, I will never go unless I have my own room. I don't need to read stories of me snoring on the internet!

Jill said...

Go, go, go!! If I were still in the country I'd be going too!

And take photos...

Mrs4444 said...

Just do what I'm doing; send the kids to camp that week :) They'll have a blast, you'll have a blast, and your husband can just suck it. :)