Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks for your patience

I feel a little pukey. It's anxiety and possibly a touch of the pig shit going around. I've been sick and phlegmy and constipated and altogether sexy with a capital "S" for two weeks now! I'm pretty sure the bug is passing (sadly through my bowels- but on the bright side- relieving the constipation- I'll stop now).

I'm fairly confident that the lump in my throat is due to the anxiety of getting back online and embarrassing myself by sharing such "movement" details. It's been so long since I've done this my passwords have been deleted- which just makes me nervous. The computer doesn't even remember me- will anyone else?

Back when I had actual responsibilities (other than the under-rated duty of keeping 4 kids fed mac 'n cheese counts, alive happy or not, and safe even if from my own hands)- I remember this feeling- after a weekend off or, god forbid, an actual VACATION- of doubtfulness that I would remember how to do things or do them wrong when I got back.

My palms are actually sweating at the thought of attending BlogHer! I know, I'm a loser and I must get out, but I'm a mess about it! Plus, I don't know that I see myself as a "blogger" anymore.

I'm hoping this little rant will serve as some training wheels and get me comfortable again, but I'm feeling awfully wobbly!

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The Mom Jen said...

Hey sweetie, thinking of you all the time, did you get my dorky text today!?

I know exactly how you feel...anxiety, same pig-shit-stomach-churning crap (but mine's my GERD) through the pain sweetie, the support is always amazing and we want to hear it, love you and will listen!

Miss you tons!

It's like you never left!!

Ronda's Rants said...

So happy to see you pop up on my blog's like riding a bike!
(you do ride a bike don't you?)
Hope you feel better...very soon! :)

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

What's all this??? You will be just fine...take care, get better...and I'm sure you'll find your blogging mojo in no time.

Soxy Deb said...

Deep breaths sweetie. It's all good.
Don't think of yourself as blogging, just think of yourself as updating old friends. Old friends who look forward to hearing from you, even if it's just a few rants. :)

Missed ya, sorry your feeling scrawny, and hope to see you around more often.

Em said...

I wish we would all treat our friends like how most guys treat their friends - Hubs won't talk to someone for a year or two, run in to them, and they're back on track. Men just get it - life gets in the way sometimes.

Sorry your life is getting in the way. Hope you feel better soon! Em

Jenni Jiggety said...

You are so totally a BLOGGER. It's like the can't just walk away. You are in it FOR LIFE!

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Have I forgotten you??? Ummmm.....NO! I couldn't.... I mean, I love you!!! And just blog through the pain.... sometimes you think people don't give a crap when it's what we need to know... a nice reminder that sometimes our lives don't suck (not that yours does, but you make yours sound so funny!).

Anonymous said...

Waitaminute.....are you saying you are going to BLOGHER?!?!?! Really? Will I meet you in person?

HappyHourSue said...

Girlfriend. Blogher is going to be a BLAST!!!!!! We are going to exchange cell #'s and meet up at the bar as soon as you arrive - Lisalicious will be there too - and Jen and Brittany - We deserve a weekend away!!!!!

Missed u!

Annie said...

Go soI can live through you since I'm the lame blogger!I miss your posts!

Complicated Mama said...

Feel better Teena!

I just noticed i think twitter unfollowed you for me cause i havent seen your updates!

I miss chatting. Im going to fix that now. Damn it twitter.. lol