Thursday, December 4, 2008

Untitled and unrelated

So, here's where I come off looking like the asshat that I am. My raving post yesterday pissed off some people and who knew that one of the authors over at SITS (clearly the one with the strong stomach and tolerance) reads my blog? Don't I look stupid?

For the record: I still think SITS is a great concept for networking. I think that the fact that the Mr Linky went all haywire and Tiffany entered in ALL 306 of those links BY HAND- makes her a freaking saint! I would have definitely said, FUCK THAT! However, I'm sticking to my story that I feel that some of the people that leave the "canned" comments are insincere. I will shut up now.

Last night, my son played what was probably his last soccer game of his life. It was the playoffs and they lost. I stood in blizzard conditions, while snow and sleet slapped my face in 20 degree weather through a game and double overtime. And they lost.

That is NOT an ice skating rink- that is a soccer game on a football field.

Oddly enough, as uncomfortable as I was, feeling the frost bite set into my toes and fingers, it was a welcome distraction. I've made mention of some stress that we have been dealing with on the home front. It's still pretty bad and, as much as I'd like to, I cannot divulge any further information other than it has to do with protocol, the law, bureaucracy bullshit, and possibly our livelihood (what a tease, right?) I'm desperately in need of that anonymous blog right about now.

So, excuse me if I don't get around to mustering up the strength to write much- I am busy getting drunk, baking cookies, and living in denial.

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Honeybell said...

Can I have some cookies?

Aubrey said...

Oh, drunken baked cookies. My fave!

Sorry about the shit you got goin' on. Let me know if you need more liquor sent your way. I'd be happy to send you a bottle of something Goooood.

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Okay crazy lady - you rule. I just read some of your recent insane rambles and I love it! I came your way via Kim and Co and you crack me up! I also went a'reading over at SITS and I can't understand crap. I read the rules like ten times and it gave me a headache. I can't play these games - who has the time? Sure it's fun to win nice shit but I'm not a gal whose all about the swag.

I started blogging like two months ago and every other day, I'm like why am I doing this again? I can't keep up! But I'm focusing on my voice and having fun finding some other cool relatable voices and you are now one of those for me.

Happy Day. And I mean it.

Brittany said...

That sucks. As soon as I pop this thing out, I'll bring over a bottle!

The Mom said...

Can I come over for the drinks and cookies, PLEASE!

KimandCo said...

I'm not so good at the baking cookies, but I can drink and deny with the best of them! Count me in.

You're a rockstar for cheering on the team in that weather. I would have been in the car. Or at home by the fireplace.

Legal Diva said...

I've been drinking, denying, and baking myself lately... :)

Bless your heart for standing out there in that crap weather for him- I think you may be the saint!

As far as anonymity goes... I often wish that even less people that I actually know knew about my blog. I have some deep, dark, juicy secrets I'm dying to share and can't. Go figure.

If you just have to tell... there is always this blog that posts secrets... totally anonymous....

jaime said...

the week would not be complete if you didn't piss a few people off! lol!

I'm having some mild life crisises too, so I feel your pain- pass me some liquor. And i would LOVE an anonymous blog to vent about that kind of stuff.

Hang in there...

Heinous said...

Hopefully the holidays will bring you a little relief.

Deb said...

hang tough. i've got your back... for what THAT'S worth.

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Can I have some cookies...and a drink...please...double both!!

Momo Fali said...

Nice post.

Momo Fali said...

Kidding! That was my attempt at a canned comment (which I detest).

I can't believe you watched soccer in the snow! Brrr! Too bad you didn't have cookies and alcohol to help pass the time. Now, if you'll excuse me...I'm suddenly craving vodka and chocolate.

Soxy Deb said...

That sounded like a cry for help - and just in time for Georgie's confessional. Tomorrow is the day - be there to vent to your hearts content. No one even has to know its you.
Hey, while your drunk will you do something for me. There has been some discussion that if you pour eggnog in a pan, it too will scramble. I was gonna try it when I was drunk (which I clearly am not right now cause I can still spell), but since your already working on a good buzz, maybe you could take care of that expreiment and just let me know how it turns out. K? Great! :)

Soxy Deb said...

And look at that, I guess I can't spell. Funny, I don't feel drunk.

Tiffany said...

You've got lots of offer for liquor... send me some.

Your post didn't piss me off as much as surprised me. I just couldn't believe people felt it was a waste of time cause they didn't win were not alone. Not in the majority, but not alone.

Canned comments aren't my favorite either. But, I just think of them like junk mail and move on.

I do actually love your blog and came by last night to grab your link and add you to my blog roll... saw your post and was like, what???

I would love for you to continue to participate if you think it's a good fit, if not, no worries. I read plenty of blogs that don't participate in SITS.

I do appreciate you leaving my last comment up and letting my feelings be heard.

Your son is a trooper, sorry they lost and that you almost froze to death!

Stress sucks, I hope it all figures itself out soon!

Tiffany said...

Okay, now I am laughing my ass off.. I just clicked on my name, which took me to tattooed minivan mom's site... she is a friend IRL who drops the f-bomb all the time!

Oh the irony.

Love it.

Ronda's Rants said...

Welcome to Denial...I am there most is a coping mechanism while I wait on God...I know he has a plan...I would just love to see it!
I hope things get better whatever it is...
May it help to know you are the best gift giver in the world!!

Bee Repartee said...

Anon is SO liberating. I highly recommend it.

Hey, you have a nice blog here. I hope you have a nice day.

And really, what's wrong w/ canned comments. ;)

Deb said...


You rock. We love you. Screw SITS. I used to think I wanted to be a part of it, but after checking into it, realized that there are far too many rules for me to follow.

Not a big rule fan, here.

What kind of cookies, and more importantly, what kind of drinks?

C said...

I completely agree with you on the SITS thing. I think it's a great idea, and I think it was terrific of those 2 ladies to do it...and maybe it even helps introduce you to some new blogs that you might add to your regulars (that you otherwise might not have heard of) but it did seem like a lot of people leave comments because they signed up for the task & they wouldn't have left a comment on that particular blog if they weren't instructed to do so. That's my 2 cents!

I'm sorry about the work crap you guys are dealing with (not that I know what it is) because I can relate & I know it sucks! Hang in there! :)

And I can't believe they played in the snow! C-R-A-Z-Y!


J.Danger said...

OMG, i totally thought that was an ice rink