Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments - beware - they are all over the place today... Join in with your own at Mrs. 4444's place.

***I like morning talk radio. It's nice to hear someone talk to me in the morning that's not complaining about Oatmeal Cream Pies or insisting she brushed her teeth when the stalactites (or is it stalagmites?) growing off of her teeth are a good sign that she didn't. Labor day weekend should not start on Friday- my verdict is still out on whether Labor Day should even BE a holiday! All my morning talk radio shows were playing music this morning because of the "holiday weekend"- I don't get it.

***So I don't listen to a lot of current music- lately in the car, it's E.T. on DVD, but this morning's coupe on my morning talk, I had to hear Brittney Spears Radar- which is awful, but I think she could change her image and do a PSA with it and change "On the radar" to "I'm a reader" and start her own literacy program.

*** I LOVE Jason Bateman... like considering the logistics of getting 'rid' of our spouses so we can be together the way nature intends like. Sure, just like everyone, I first crushed on him during his short appearances in Silver Spoons and Little House on the Prairie... and, of course, my love for him only increased throughout The Hogan Family and Arrested Development... BUT I knew I loved him during It's Your Move. I remember his snark making me hot and wanting to lick his freckles... He's out promoting his new movie Extract right now and, I have one question... do you know of another man that gets so much better with age?
***My daughter likes to eat cherry tomatoes- they give her a funky B.O. breath.

***My guilty pleasures this week, aside from donuts and ice cream( 'cause they have a special place in my heart EVERY week) are Jeff Lewis from Bravo's Flipping Out (I love him, too, and think I could actually get along with him) and Kathie Lee Gifford- I don't know what it is (yes, I do, I think she's real and I think she tries to make fun out of some hard situations as a defense mechanism and I really get that!) but I enjoy her. So much so- that I started following her son on Twitter.

*** At carpool drop off, there are student and teachers along the line helping open doors and they must be told to smile and wave as we drive by- I hate this. It's insincere and if I wave back I look like a doofus and if I don't, I look like a bitch- it's a no win situation.

***I enjoyed the show The L Word. My husband thought that this was a sign that I was a lesbian- he's deep like that. I also enjoy Intervention- he told me the other day that he was "worried about me" liking this show so much- implying that he's afraid I have a chemical addiction... that I've apparently been hiding from him... and have been able to function completely under the influence and keep his house, kids and underwear clean and keep up with our very busy schedule while he's been at work... and it's definitely not crack because my appetite has been too good for crack. Why does he think that shows I watch are reflections of my life? I don't MAKE the show- I just watch them! So I asked him: So I guess when you watch the Military Channel that's because you want to go into the military and go to war? And he says: YES! Ok, bad example, then.

***I can't wait until the kids from Glee sing Gold Digger.

***My husband screamed from the living room yesterday- "what is the dog chewing with blood on it?" The bathroom trash can. 7 days out of the month. That's all I'm giving you. Holy Hell- this is hands down more disgusting than him licking his own balls or even Dooce's husband licking her dog's open wound!

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Your dog is gross. LOL really, really gross.

♥georgie♥ said...

LMAO@the dog issue...I can laugh b/c it happens here too!

Love Jeff Lewis as well...kathie lee not so much...not sure what it is about her

Great FF and I'm still LOL@'doofus'

Kori said...

Hm, I think old JB is WAY hooter the older he gets. I am SO with you there.

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

OMG.... I totally get ya, with the dog.... Mine sniffs the bathroom trash all the time... I have to make sure teen throws her "stuff" in the downstairs covered trash can!

The Mom Jen said...

ACK the dog is gross!

Jason Bateman is the best in Arrested Development, what happened to the movie plans!? JASON!! DO IT!

Tiffany said...

Well OUR teachers that gets the kids out of the car are bitches. None of them smile or wave SO I like to give them a shit-eating grin every morning. I'm nice like that.

Unknown Mami said...

See I never really appreciated Jason Bateman until Arrested Development, but now I lurve him. He has definitely gotten better with age.

Gold Digger on Glee- sounds like my kinda fun.

Ewww on the dog chew toy!

MrsSki said...

For some reason I never really liked Jason Bateman...maybe it's because he was the "bad guy" in a couple movies I saw. I did, however, like him in Little House on the Prairie!

I like the L word and Intervention and I'm neither a lesbian nor a crack head. I just really enjoy the shows! Men are so weird when it comes to tv...I'll never understand it. My husband thinks the shows I watch are ridiculous but if I can get him to watch just a few minutes he's hooked!

Gidget, my dog, has been trash can diving in the past during that time of the truly was DISGUSTING. So I feel your pain there.

Zookeeper said...

My first imaginary love affair was with Jason Bateman every week during It's Your Move. Thanks for putting a smile on my face just now.

michelle said...

I never realized that was Jason Bateman in Little House. There you go. Always preferred Justine though. Does THAT make me a lesbian? Hmmm

And the dog...Hee hee.

Kirby3131 said...

I read true crime books and Forensic Files and other assorted things like that. My husband told me once that he hopes for my sake that he doesn't come up missing...our DVR is filled to the brim with "evidence" LOL

Mrs4444 said...

Your comment about Brittany is brilliant. It's a great idea, too, but she'd probably have to learn to read first.

I like cherry tomatoes, too. Better check my breath!

I HATE having to put the bathroom trash on top of the toilet 7 days out of the month.

Soxy Deb said...

Oh Holy Cherry chap stick! Your a lesbo?! I knew it!!
Well, you know what they say - a woman knows what a woman wants.
But the dog? Ewww...just ewww...

Terri said...

on what hubs thinks of your shows - it's funny their line of thinking. I read countless murder mysteries and mine often wonders aloud if I'm planning something. I finally told him I'd have done it a LONG time ago if I wanted to!